We Remember 15 Years Later

Sometimes the phrase is used the innocence of a child. Although it makes sense, I never paid much attention to it. That was until this morning.

I was up early sitting at my kitchen table drinking a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. I heard the sound of someone walking down the steps. As I looked up, I saw my almost four year old walking into the kitchen. As I was reading articles about 9/11 fifteen years later, it dawned on me. The phrase the innocence of a child finally made sense.

For almost all children his age and younger, they have no idea what our country went through that tragic day. And most likely, they wont know what happened for a couple more years.

As my generation learned about Pearl Harbor or the assassination of President Kennedy, this will be a similar moment for his age group. Those older remember where they were for the events I just referenced, much as I remember where I was at 8:46AM on the day of the attack.

I know what I will tell him and I know what I will show him. But as I sat there and pondered all of this, I wondered how the textbooks or maybe some sort of Ipad device in school will depict what happen. I wondered what pictures they would illustrate. I wondered what my son would think about after learning of the events.

I hope the story told to his history class talks about the heinous act of radical islam. I hope it touches upon the many men and women who lost their lives for no reason. I hope it talks about the fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters who were expected to come home that night but didn’t thanks to radical islam.

I really hope the pictures illustrated show the brave men and women that day and the days that followed. I hope they illustrate the pictures of the first responders, fire fighters, and police officers running towards the trade centers while everyone else was headed the opposite direction towards safety. I hope they are depicted as the heroes that they were that day. And I hope it talks about how for some time this country came together as one.

I hope this innocent child and his generation never have to endure something like this. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that will be the case. Unfortunately, it seems that generation will become jaded by attacks on our soil as well.

The innocence of a child was realized this morning. I also realized just how fragile it is. I hope that when the innocence cracks and spills out my son that innocent feeling turns to respect and admiration. Admiration and respect for the true heroes of this country.


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