Week 1 Preview

I will be previewing the games this year on podcast with @esquaredgolf. You can find the write ups below…..

12:00 Oklahoma vs Houston (@ Houston Texans Stadium)
Oklahoma -12.5
How it goes down: Both of us feel that Oklahoma has to much fire power. We both love Houston head coach Tom Herman and think he will pull out all the tricks today and keep it close for 2.5-3 quarters. But ultimately OU is to deep. Oklahoma wins but we see a Houston cover.
Prediction: Oklahoma 38 Houston 27
Houston +12.5

3:30 LSU vs Wisconsin (@ Lambeau Field)
LSU -10.5
How it goes down: How cool is it to be playing at Lambeau field. IF you listened to the preview, we are both down on Wisconsin this year. Losing the defensive coordinator Dave Aranda to LSU really hurts. LSU should be able to wear Wisconsin down and there athleticism should allow them to put up points. Wisconsin doesn’t have the players to stay with LSU.
Prediction: LSU 31 Wisconsin 10
LSU -10.5

3:30 UCLA @ Texas A&M
Texas A&M -3
How it goes down: We don’t have a great feel for this game. This is a big game for Kevin Sumlin at home. In the preview podcast, we talked about him being on the hot seat. We expect Texas A&M to be able to pressure Rosen with the great front 4 they have. We are intrigued to see the Aggie offense and don’t know what to expect. We lean UCLA in a close game but not confidently in that pick
Prediction UCLA 27 Texas A&M 23

5:30 North Carolina vs Georgia (@ Georgia Dome)
Georgia -3
How it goes down: Georgia’s quarterback situation isn’t ideal. Nick Chubb getting cleared to play recently isn’t ideal. How much he plays and how effective he plays is a big question. Georgia’s secondary is susceptible this year and North Carolina has the players to attack it. We love the Carolina skill players and think they exploit the Dawgs today.
Prediction North Carolina 30 Georgia 20
North Carolina +3

800 USC vs Alabama (@ Jerry Jones World)
Alabama -12
How it goes down: USC has to spread Alabama out and they may have the athleticism to do it. A worry spot is the left tackle position with the Trojan starter out. USC may find some success but Alabama is to big and strong and will wear the Trojans down in Saban fashion. But not so fast my friends!! We both have been receiving text messages from THE Big Continuous, the Trojans song boy. He has a “weird” feeling about this game. The Big Continuous has as good of feeling for the Trojans as anyone. And hes not afraid to tell you when to stay away or sees a loss coming. So his weird feeling is making this just an Alabama lean
Prediction Alabama 31 USC 13
Alabama -12

9:00 Clemson @ Auburn
Clemson -7.5
How it goes down: The thing that came to mind was the Tennessee Volunteers getting off to a very slow start. We could see that happening to Clemson here today. They have Watson and enough weaponry to battle through that. It wont be easy going on the road in SEC Country but Clemson will find a way.
Prediction Clemson 37 Auburn 28
Clemson -7.5

7:30 Notre Dame @ Texas
Notre Dame -3.5
How it goes down: The 2 QB system works for Brian Kelly. Brian Kelly is 20-0 as a top 10 team vs an unranked team. Dennis Erickson the only guy with a comparable record. Were very intrigued to see the ND offense vs the Texas defense. Those will be the 2 strengths of these teams. Close defensive game in which the Irish find a way late.
Prediction Notre Dame 20 Texas 17
Texas +3.5

8:00 Ole Miss vs Florida State (In Orlando)
Florida State -4.5
How it goes down: I was a little more definitive on the Noles in this one but we both liked them. The Vegas line is in a bad place for total committal. The qb situation is where Ole Miss has a big advantage at least on paper. But we see Dalvin Cook making enough plays to get FSU off to a 1-0 start
Prediction Florida State 27 Ole Miss 19
Florida State -4.5

I had some audio difficulties with the podcast yesterday but will be back next week with College and NFL action.
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