The Saxton

It will overshadow the Kentucky Derby. It will overshadow the NBA Playoffs. It will overshadow the NHL Playoffs. The Wells Fargo at Quail Hollow and John Daly’s Champions Tour debut will be minor blips in the golf world. If you haven’t seen live coverage or newspaper articles about it yet, get out from under your rock. Its Saxton Week.

The 6th Annual Saxton begins Thursday live from Ocean City Maryland. Ninety holes of intense high quality edge of your seat golf action. Sides have been changed and lines have been drawn. Old foes must put differences aside and now become partners as new rivalries will be formed. Its a tradition with no equal….. Its The Saxton

Odds courtesy of Paddypower, 5dimes, and the Wynn.
Format is 90 holes (1 point for front nine win, 1 point for back 9 win, 1 point for overall win- each match 3 points at stake.)
36 total points to be had. 18.5 needed to win the cup

The North -130
The South +117

North -1.5 South

Thursday Morning Session Odds (bet is for the conclusion of the both matches point total)
North -.5 South
(Match 1 = North- Davey Trump/Tundra Dan vs South – Coach/Billz)
(Match 2 = North- Deuce/The Bear vs South – Mechanic/ JD)

Prop Bets
Number of times The Bear threatens to drive home
Over/Under 4.5

Number of hybrids hit by Coach in 90 holes
Over/Under 80.5

Will there be a Hole in 1
No -1800 Yes +1200

Total number of eagles combined
Over/Under 3.5

Total number of birdies combined
Over/Under 40.5

Total number of cart girls phone numbers received
Over/Under 1.5

Total number of cart girls married to someone who works with his hands
Over/Under 3.5

Can Davey Trump score a take down on The Bear
No -2500 Yes +5001
(Leicester City was +5000 to win the Premier League to put into context)

Total number of bets placed on official sporting events
Over/Under 3.5

Does the Saxton start a round on #10
No -160 Yes +115

Total number of rangers we quarrel with
Over/Under 1.5

Does a repeat happen where a high school party gets disrupted
No -190 Yes +210

The Mighty Bucs have become the Saxton defacto team, are they replaced with a new squad after the weekend
No -180 Yes +200

Total number of times Davey Trump asks any random person who the best looking in group is
Over/Under 6.5

Total numbers of times the random responds that Davey Trump is best looking
Over/Under .5

Total number of times Davey Trump convinces the random to say he is the best looking
Over/Under 2.5

Can the Bear afford to make the drive home
Yes -130 No +110

Molinari team comes away with 0 points when paired together
No -240 Yes +310

Total number of bars we are asked to leave
Over/Under .5

Total number of rounds even par or better
Over/Under 1

4 total nights stayed, The Bear total number of hours sleep
Over/Under 13.5

Will there be a morning vomit due to hangover
No -140 Yes +115

Total number of fights the Bear gets in over Donald Trump
Over/Under 2.5

Will Johnny Football be seen at Seacrets watching the Derby Saturday
No -170 Yes +155

The hour in which Coach and Deuce debate about Lebron James
Over/Under 7:30 Thursday night



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