Mom and Dad I Now Know How You Feel

Growing up, I spent hours upon hours in my parents basement playing basketball on a small hoop. I couldn’t wait to get home from school to get down there and play. I hated to have to come up for dinner or to go to bed. I loved being down there playing with a basketball game on the TV in the background.

Not many opposing teams wanted to come in and play at my gym. The hysteria about the Golden State Warriors being undefeated at home is nothing compared to the streak I accomplished. For the better part of 5 years I never lost a game at home. I went an amazing 2,376-0. There were a few times I missed a shot at the buzzer but amazingly the clock didn’t start or timeout was called before the inbounds allowing me a second chance. And when you give me a second chance, I always made the opponent pay.

In that basement, I was unguardable. I had a fadeaway like Jordan. I could come off a screen and knock down a jumper like Reggie Miller. Iverson couldn’t touch my ball handling. When the defense adjusted, I would go down in the post and was as dominant as a young Shaq. Many teams came in and all left without an answer.

I do remember one game where we went on the road and I had the flu. My mom made me go to my bedroom mistakenly finishing my night. We lost that night. My only loss ever in basement history. I think it taught my teammates a lesson and served notice to the rest of the league just how dominant I was.

Fast forward 20 years to last night. We are visiting my parents. Low and behold I took my 3 year old son into my parents basement and my dad has a small hoop set up for my son. A lot of memories and games of me playing in my basement came rushing back. I of course had to tell my son how dominant my team was.

My son has been asking to play more and more of late on the little hoop we have in our basement. But last night cemented it all. All night we were in the basement. He would have skipped dinner if he could have. At 4AM this morning he was asking to go in the basement to play.

Seeing this it showed me how it must have been to parent me. My son even got his first and most likely not his last coaching session from my grandfather.

Brayden’s arena opened for business last night and the crowd was treated to an exciting game. With 10 seconds left Brayden’s team was down 1. He went quick and made a layup but left time on the clock. Luckily he was playing the Cavs last night and Lebron missed a shot at the horn. Big game tonight as Kobe comes through on his farewell tour.

Many things in life go full circle. I got a taste of what it must have been like to deal with me as I grew up. Other than watching my son chase my teams unbelievable record of 4,122 wins and 1 loss, I cant wait for the day my number is retired to the basement rafters.





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