Adrian Peterson The “Victim”

We have all seen it. We have all read the pieces about redemption stories. We have all digested the stories in which the main character makes a mistake or strays down the wrong path. The story concludes by the character finding his way and moving to the opposite end of the spectrum. Everyone loves it, some people cry, and the character is now a hero.

But what happens when that character is the furthest thing from a hero or redemption story? What if the guy portrayed as the “victim” is the furthest thing from the “victim”?

When you tune in to the Vikings/ Seahawks game on Sunday, remember this lesson #28 told you. Those prophetic words that Adrian Peterson told us were that there is nothing a little whipping cant take care of.

If you dont believe him just ask his son. The son I am referring to is the 4 year old. I dont want you to get confused with other 7 he has fathered with countless women.

In Sports Illustrated that came out this week, a hack article was published by Greg Bishop. Greg Bishop published an article showing Peterson visiting children and pictures of him playing with his son. You’ll notice there are no pictures of the abuse that son took at Peterson’s hands and very little mention of the quotes or transrcipts from the incident. Then again how could Bishop include that if he wants you to believe that Peterson is the “victim”.

Well what Sports Illustrated didnt want to remind you I will. For your knowledge this is police record and not me attacking the “victim”. Peterson acknowledged he was clear and coherent during the time of the incident. Peterson’s four year old son pushed another kid off a video game.

Peterson claimed he gave his son two whacks on the butt. However, the two whacks on the butt resulted in numerous injuries including cuts and bruises to the child’s back, buttocks, ankles, legs and scrotum along with defensive woulds to the childs hands. According to reports the child said Daddy Peterson hit me on my face.

The child later expressed worry that Peteron would punch him in the face if the child reported the incident. He indicated that he had been hit by belts and that Peterson put leaves in his mouth when he was being hit with a switch while his pants were down. The child told his mother, and one of Peterson’s 5 or so baby mama’s, that Peterson likes belts and switches and has a whooping room.

A police report was leaked detailing texts sent from Peterson to the boy’s mother. The text said “got him in the nuts, but I felt so bad n Im all tearing that butt up when needed! I start putting them in timeout N save the whooping for needed memories!”

Another text published by CBS shows an exchange between Peterson and the mother.
Adrian: He got about 5 more pops than normal. He didnt drop one tear! So that was another indicator ill have a try a system with him. Smh hes tough as nails!
Mother: Well you cant hit him til he cries! Thats just mean. Hes trying to be strong for you. Hes afrai of you. Hes 4, hes not playing mind games with you.

The pictures are all over the internet if you wish to view what more pops than normal looks like. You wont find it in Greg Bishop’s article. How would he still be able to portray him as the “victim”.

Those with short memories will forget the beating this child took and have there purple 28 jersey visible Sunday. And this artcile can justify it. Some were able to forgive and forget when it happened. Why? Oh because this is the way Adrian Peterson was raised.

Well, let me pose this to you. If I was brought up around dog fighting and cock fighting, is it acceptable for me to run a ring or participate in it? For some reason, I think there was a case like this recently. I just checked and my memory does serve me right. Michael Vick, another NFL player, was indicted on this. I guess the excuse I was brought up around it didnt work.

To you dog lovers and dog activists, how do you feel about the excuse “he or she was brought up around it.” To you women’s activists and domestic abuse groups, how would you feel if Greg Hardy or Ray Rice used the excuse after their atrocious acts to women, that they were brought up around it. And to any sane individual how do you feel when you hear these excuses?

Im not sitting here saying that individuals that commit these heinous acts can never be rehabilitated or change. But to tell me or write a hack article trying to portray these clowns as “victims” is insulting and pathetic.

Im sure the Vikings ownership has been able to look the other way with the great year the running back has had on the field. Im sure the fans of the Vikings were able to digest it, as there team is now one of 12 in the tournament. Afterall, I am talking about a “victim”.

Ill let you decide if the Sports Illustrated article led you down the path of redemption, heck maybe you even cried and hung a picture of your new hero.

I decided a long time ago when Peterson showed very little remorse for his actions nor seemed to do any rehabilitive acts that this is not a “victim”.

And I have decided that when I turn on the game Sunday I hope there is redemption for all the people who take my stance. I hope Peterson gets bruised and battered and takes a couple more pops. I hope he cant get up and I hope his career ends on the field Sunday. Then maybe he will be a victim because afterall there is nothing a little whipping cant take care of.


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