Were Back For You

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! Wile we are sitting home with our pants off we recorded a podcast. We did this for those who arent sitting home. For those traveling…. you don’t have to be bored in the car. You dont have to deal with your wife. You dont have to listen to your whining kid. You’re 3 hour commute in which you only have to travel 20 miles has become a lot more fun. Tune in to this week’s podcast.
The Podcast Features:
-Chip Kelly Rant
-NFL Week 11 Recap
-Week 12 Estimate the Lines
-Week 12 Podcast Picks (7-6 on the year)
-College Football Playoff Discussion
-College Football Coaching Vacancies
-NBA Talk
-College Basketball Conversation
-PGA Wrap

Happy Thanksgiving all and thanks for listening


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