Its All About Culture

When a man is wrong, there are two things he can do. One of the options he has is to man up admit he was wrong and fix it. The other option is the coward way. The way in which a man gets defensive and continues to do the same wrong thing over and over.

I was wrong. For two and a half years I have defended, debated, and argues against anyone who didn’t think Chip Kelly was a good coach. For two and half years, I had Chip’s back. Unfortunately it took me two and a half years to realize my mistake. But I am here to man up admit I was wrong and apologize to those I argued with for wasting their time.

On the other hand, we have someone in this city that continues to take the coward way. Chip Kelly continues to do the same thing over and over and over again. Even worse, never once has he said this isn’t working, I need to change and do a better job. But always the response is, were just not executing. I interpret that as his players aren’t executing the 8 plays he runs.

“Big Balls” Chip came here with all the hoopla of this offensive genius. And early on, we saw flashes of it. The up tempo offense was working like a charm. Defenses were on their heels even to the point of players faking injuries. He did this with players he claimed didn’t fit his system.

So what did he do, he slowly began a roster turnover. He was given control of the kingdom in Philadelphia. Pro bowler after pro bowler shipped out and we were told they didn’t fit the system, in other words, they weren’t “Chip Kelly guys”.

In year 3, more Chip Kelly guys brought in, and more producers shipped out. Again not part of the system, but I will interpret that for all out there who may not have been following; Chip’s ego was to big for them to stay. So goodbye Even Mathis and hello…..umm no one. Goodbye Brandon Boykin and hello…. 6th round draft pick who was hurt a week into training camp.

Chip said to us Shady McCoy wasn’t a power runner. He bounced it to the outside to much. He shipped Shady to Buffalo for oft injured OREGON DUCK Kiko Alonso. So he went out and tried to sign Frank Gore. Luckily for Gore, Shady McCoy intervened and dissuaded Gore from joining. Once that happened Chip flying by the seat of his pants signed Ryan Matthews. Demarco Murray reached out to Chip stating he wanted to join. So Chip looked at his off season checklist, except he couldn’t find it because there was none, and signed him. Now Chip had his power one cut runner. Without a checklist, he never rebuilt his offensive line. Never fear, Chip decided to start two backup journey man guards. Just plug and play into “his system”. Now this power runner was running behind a finesse offensive line. And if you watched the Eagles this year you see offensive lineman blown off the play each and every down.

So now that the Eagles cant run, youd imagine theyd be able to pass. Enter oft injured Slingin Sammy Bradford to run this Charlie High School offense. Who knows if Slingin Sammy can play. His offensive line is being pushed into him every play. And the receivers Chip left him with, well lets say they may as well play with no receivers. Riley Cooper was resigned because he was a good blocker. Never once in my life have I heard a coach or GM tout the fact a receiver is still here because of his blocking skills. Don’t worry though Miles Austin will pick up the slack. Austin has more drops and screw ups than catches.

So with that, Chip has to tailor his offense to what he built with “Chip Kelly guys”. Nope! Same eight plays every week. Its a weekly contest to see what day the opposing defense from the week prior comes out and says we knew what they were going to run every time. Chip touted as this offensive genius will certainly adjust to that. Nope! Keep running the up tempo. Keep Bradford in shotgun. Keep handing your power back the ball out of shot gun despite pleas by him that he runs better when quarterback is under center. Have you ever seen an offensive genius without a counter punch? If you haven’t, tune in at 12:30 tomorrow.

With all that being said, its not surprising that the Eagles are 4-6. Its not surprising that culture and system do not beat talent. What is surprising is the fact that Chip continues week after week to act smug in press conferences. What is surprising is the fact that after a loss hed rather talk about how many plays he ran. What is surprising is his attitude is now bleeding on to his players.

In the 4th quarter down 45-17, Bennie Logan and Fletcher Cox can be seen laughing on the field having a blast with rapist Jameis Winston. Cox on the radio yesterday when asked about it he replied, “we don’t care what the outsiders think. They don’t know whats taking place on the field.” When pushed to clarify or challenged whether it should be taken at face value Cox again proclaimed we don’t care about outsiders. Hours later Lane Johnson took to radio to state that the Eagles have no home field advantage anymore and that fans should support and not boo. Only after forced by PR did Johnson offer a half assed apology.

Never in any other coaches tenure have I heard former players of the Eagles state how badly this team is playing and how badly they look. Never have I heard them indicate a coach has no clue. Never once have I heard them question effort. Now I want to be clear that I am not comparing this to Andy Reid, because Andy Reid actually won some meaningful games.

A coach once said every one has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. The Eagles specifically Chip Kelly are exhibit A. At Oregon it was no different. Five of his 7 losses were against teams that punched you in the mouth. Its no secret why the division rival Cowboys and Redskins have had success against them, because both teams like to pound the football. For those who want further proof, Chip is 9-12 vs teams with .500 or better records.

I remember when November and December and most January’s meant Eagles green everywhere. There was a sense of pride in the city. Last night as I drove by the stadium on my way home, their was no emotion that went through me. Chip Kelly has ripped the football part of hearts out of each and every one of us. Each time he talks he steps on the part he has ripped out. Chip once said We are from Philly and we fight. He was right in many respects excluding the 53 players that dress 16 Sundays and the man in black calling the plays.

There are two ways a man can react when he is wrong. The manly way or the cowardly way. I have shown you two. I will admit one more thing before quitting this article just as the Eagles have quit this season, Chip Kelly was right about culture. You need to have a good culture in order to win. And the only way to get the Eagles culture back to where it was is for Chip Kelly to take his “big balls” and leave.


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