Guys Who Think There Important Are Not

Mid October the past two years have brought guys who walk around in suits think they’re important together. They sit around a table and discuss where college football teams should be ranked. These guys ultimately determine who enters the playoff for a chance to play for the national championship.

In a desert over two thousand miles from here, guys in jeans sit around daily and place odds on every sporting event. Each August they release odds on college football teams over under win totals. If you go back and compare now as to the number they placed on each team, more than 80% are right on where they set the odds. Each game seems to come down to the last possession on whether the favorite or the underdog is going to cover based on where the guys in the desert set the odds. How do these guys know how many wins/losses each team is going to be around before the season even starts? How do these guys know where to set the odds on a game between Alabama and Abilene Christian and it comes down to the last possession.

Yet, we install 12 clowns who walk around in suits acting important to tell us who is playing in the playoff.

I am sure these empty suits have created debates and conversations based on what they perceive. Last night they released their rankings.
1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma
4. Iowa
5. Michigan State
6. Notre Dame
7. Baylor
8. Ohio State
9. Stanford
10. Michigan

To break it down a bit further: (wins based on current Vegas top 25 rankings)
1. Clemson 11-0
Wins: (#6) Notre Dame, (#18) Florida St
Losses: None
Non Conference: Wofford, Appalachian St, (#6) Notre Dame, @ South Carolina
Remaining: @ South Carolina, ACC Championship vs (#11) North Carolina

2. Alabama 10-1
Wins: (#23) Mississippi State
Losses: (#20) Ole Miss
Non Conference: Wisconsin, Mid Tennessee St, UL Monroe, Charleston Southern
Remaining: @ Auburn, SEC Championship vs (#9) Florida

3. Oklahoma 10-1
Wins: @ (#8) Baylor, (#13) TCU
Losses: Texas
Non Conference: Akron, @ Tennessee, Tulsa
Remaining: @ (#10) Oklahoma St

4. Iowa 11-0
Wins: @ (#19) Northwestern
Losses: None
Non Conference: Illinois St, @ Iowa St, Pitt, North Texas
Remaining: @ Nebraska, Big Ten Championship vs TBD (Michigan St, Ohio St, Michigan)

5. Michigan St 10-1
Wins: (#14) Oregon, @ (#12) Michigan, @ (#7) Ohio St
Losses: @ Nebraska
Non Conference: @ Western Michigan, Oregon, Air Force, Central Michigan
Remaining: Penn State, Possible Big Ten Championship (control own destiny)

6. Notre Dame 10-1
Wins: (#16) Navy, @ (#22) Temple
Losses: @ (#1) Clemson
Remaining: @ (#16) Stanford

7. Baylor 9-1
Wins: @ (#10) Oklahoma St
Losses: @ (#3) Oklahoma
Non Conference: @SMU, Lamar, Rice
Remaining: @ (#13) TCU, Texas

8. Ohio State 10-1
Losses: (#5) Michigan St
Non Conference: @Virginia Tech, Hawaii, Northern Illinois, Western Michigan
Remaining: @ (#12) Michigan, Outside Chance for Big Ten Championship

9. Stanford 9-2
Wins: (#24) UCLA, @ (#21) Washington St
Losses: @ (#19) Northwestern, (#14) Oregon
Non Conference: @ (#19) Northwestern, Central Florida, (#6) Notre Dame
Remaining: (#6) Notre Dame, Pac 12 Championship vs UCLA or USC

10. Michigan 9-2
Wins: (#19) Northwestern
Losses: @ Utah, (#5) Michigan St
Non Conference: @ Utah, Oregon St, UNLV, BYU
Remaining: (#7) Ohio State, Outside Chance at Big Ten Championship

Vegas Top 10
1. Clemson
2. Alabama
3. Oklahoma
4. Michigan State
5. Iowa
6. Notre Dame
7. Ohio St
8. Baylor
9. Florida
10. Oklahoma St

Vegas Conference Rankings
1. SEC
2. Big Ten
3. Pac 12
4. Big 12
5. ACC

Looking at the layout of resume’s Vegas seems to have it right. I know its shocking with guys who set win totals close and game spreads close that they would have it right.

The other thing that sticks out to me is the lack of great matchups this year. The suit committee needs to emphasize non conference schedule more so than it already has, mainly for entertainment value. So many Saturday’s this season have been snoozers and now its a lot more clear why.

With 2 weeks left, everything will become a lot more clear. However, the most transparent thing to me is the suits should not be as important as they think. Lets put it in Vegas’ hands, the guys who really are important.


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