Upcoming Podcast

Podcast coming tomorrow with the weekend preview……….

However, there was a guess the lines podcast earlier this week but I mishandled it again. It is on me. (clears throat) I take full responsibility. (clears throat) I have to put my guys in better positions to succeed. (clears throat) Times Yours….

So the podcast that did happen the Guess The Lines ended in a push. That puts the season at Deuce leading 2-0-2. If you followed our advice you probably have reservations at a nice steakhouse tomorrow night. If not have fun with your cup scrounging up change for a 40.

We provided you with:
Vikings- winner
49ers- winner
Eagles- winner
Sure we missed on the Packers and Patriots. My calculator says that’s a 3-2 week.

In college, we gave you:
Michigan St- Outright winner
Oklahoma- Winner
Stanford- Winner
Again, we screwed you on Louisville. But again a winning week at 3-1.

So my education tells me that’s 6-3 which = $$$$$$$$$$

Deuce gave you Justin Thomas who had a shot to win the tournament outright. So you would have had a top 3 selection.
This week he follows it up with Will Wilcox

Lastly, we have a celebrity selection tonight coming from the sands of Florida.
East Carolina -3

The link will be provided to the podcast tomorrow it will be worth your while and your ca$h.


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