The Thoughts Which I Remember

No weekly article this week. Unfortunately, their were other things that took priority. And not because I chose but because its life necessity.
No Friday podcast this week either. I know I am letting down the tens of followers. The podcast will be back Monday with Guess the Lines and the weekend recap.

Since I appreciate greatly all the folks that come to read the site and listen to the podcast….. I give you some of the many thoughts I had this week….and only because I remember these

-If only the weather here in New Jersey was this temperature year round. Morning chill, afternoon warmth, evening bliss- just fantastic

-EDM Sax was high on my greatness list this week. I highly recommend youtubing Best of Saxo Deep House: A Gold Artists Edition 2015 or click below… it got me through the week

-Playoff baseball is tremendous. We need more meaningful baseball games. This comment is strictly on how much I enjoyed the Pirates/Cubs game but the Wild Card Play In needs to be best of 3. That is no sour grapes because the Yankees lost. Strictly on the fact of the excitement of playoff baseball

-Although the looks of the benches clearing in the Cubs/Pirates game was awesome, bench clears prove nothing unless your Pedro Martinez. I believe I heard there were somewhere in the mid 30s of bench clearing incidents in the past couple years; there were 5 punches thrown. One punch landed. Basically its 20 Desean Jackson’s running out of the dugout to jaw at each other. And I have no clue why the bullpen has to run in.

Boy do I miss these days…. and those Yankees

-Brian Cashman needs to be fired yesterday. 200 million dollar pay roll and the Yankees haven’t won a playoff game in years.

-Mark Texiera is more fragile than my 3 year old. What a waste.

-The Yankees will trot out the same garbage team next year and I will puke

-Thankfully the NHL is back.

-The NHL went to a 3 on 3 overtime to try and detur games from ending in a shootout. I got my first glimpse of it last night with the Flyers. Of course they lost, because they never win a game after regulation ends. But that’s no matter, 3 on 3 hockey is like I don’t even know what. It has to be seen to be believed. The excitement is unbelievable. An alert should be sent on everybody’s TV set when a game is going to 3 on 3 overtime and the NHL Network should immediately broadcast it. Its that good.

-Not surprisingly 2 more shootings today on campuses, not shockingly gun activists spew more trash.

-The Presidents Cup is such a joke. If the Ryder Cup is the Major Leagues:
Solheim Cup is triple A
Walker Cup is double A
Local Country Club Ryder Cups are single A
Presidents Cup is Arizona Fall League

-Daniel Murphy just hit one into the night against playoff small timer Clayton Kershaw. Speaking of into the night….

-Speaking of playoff small timers, cough cough David Price. And your boy Joey Bats has been pretty quiet on twitter the past couple days

-As much as I am a Yankee fan, I miss the Phillies not playing meaningful baseball. The vibe around these parts is so much better

-Timeline: Yesterday
Place: Marlton Blue Barn
Shorthanded and clinging to a 3 point lead, my basketball squad gets the defensive stop and rebound needed, followed by a timeout. In the timeout
huddle, doing my best Rajon Rondo as I was pressed into point guard duties, I said set 3 screens for me and get me the ball, Ill make the 2 free
throws and we can go enjoy some beer. For some unknown reason, they face guard me but here is no help long. Touchdown, just like McNabb to T.O. I
reel it in and am fouled. Calmly walk to the charity stripe and I promise all of you the ball didn’t even graze the rim. Knock down 2 and we go
into the night with a win streak in tact.
That might be the least modest I have ever been

-Check out the NFL and College Football preview as they’ll have to do this week without the podcast

Well, its just about time for my nightcap. Busy day tomorrow. Apple picking, Pumpkin Picking, Corn Maze escaping, Pumpkin Carving, Oktoberfest Beers. My goodness I cant wait to create another memory and I know another guy who is pretty excited.



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