Dont Count On A Change…..

I started this blog a while back because I enjoy writing. Its a nice release and a hobby I enjoy especially in the winter. Most of what I write is half hearted and meant to poke fun. I try to keep it light and not tackle the most serious of subjects.

With that being said, I am not going to remain silent on the topic any longer. When we had our last mass shooting, I thought about penciling my thoughts down, but I thought to myself…whats the rush; it will be just a matter of time before there is another. Low and behold, I turn on the television and another tragedy in Oregon. When is enough going to be enough?

In 1999 at Columbine it wasnt enough to get change. In 2007 at Virginia Tech, that did nothing. A shooting in a theater in Colorado spurned absolutely nothing. Small children in Newtown Connecticut lost their lives to a mass shooting and once again nothing changed. And as assumed another attack today. If you think this will rush anyone to act to make changes, you have a mental illness.

Speaking of mental illness, thats what the NRA and gun owners like to blame it on. Studies have shown that mental illness cases have decreased and mass shootings have increased. Austrailia had four mass shootings in a 9 year span (1987-1996) and decided to pass stricter gun laws. Shocking that they havent had a mass shooting since.

Theyll argue that there is not a gun problem in the United States. There are more mass shootings in the United States than any other country in the world. The United States makes up 31% of all the public mass shootings in the world. The United States has more guns than any other country in the world. It has been estimated that there are 300 million firearms in circulation in the USA. With the US population estimated at 318 million that is almost 1 firearm per person. However, only 1/3 of people insist they have a firearm. Harvard research shows a public attack in the US happens once every 64 days.

Ill get the excuse that the politicians arent doing anything to pass laws. Well Ill set that straight for you. A bill was sent to the Senate expanding background checks and banning assault weapons and it was turned down. Why? Simple. State Senators are in the back pockets of the NRA. And poliicians will do or say anything they have to in order to get re-elected. Children’s lives can be pushed to the side as long as you dont take my guns is what they are telling you.

And the sad part is there are people out there that hang on every word that is spewed out from these Senators or other politicians. As soon as any of them are threatened, they go out and buy more guns. Theyll tell you everyone should own one or teachers should carry them. Give me a break. The only threat is the fear built up in your head.

Im sure that this article I am writing will draw the ire of gun owners. Im sure the red necks will have something to say. Im sure the conservatives will say I am taking away their second ammendment rights. Im sure the Walmart Republicans will be all butthurt. I dont care.

Its sad that our country has become numb to seeing flags flown at half mast for innocent lives. Its sad that there is no emotion when pictures are shown of classmates crying and parents holding hands at the scenes. Its despicable that we dont even bat an eyelash anymore, but tell any of them youre taking their guns and watch the emotion come out.

The excuses will continue to flow. The numbers can be turned any way you want them to fit you’re argument. But these numbers cant be argued…10-15 people are dead because of another act of gun violence today in Oregon. 10-15 people wont be returning home to their loved ones. 10-15 more sets of parents will bury a child.

We didnt change after Columbine. We didnt change after Virginia Tech. We didnt change after Newtown. So Im not expecting anything to change after today in Oregon. I guess as a country this is acceptable, so long as we dont tinker with second amendment rights.


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