I Mean Seriously…….

With the Pope coming to town this week, I had plans to stay local and just hang out around the house. Saturday looked very promising for me to sit in my cave and watch college football most of the afternoon. I was looking forward to it. But that was before I looked at this week’s college football schedule. I mean are they serious with this?!?!

Here is a look at the Top 25 for what’s in store if you haven’t looked and think you are getting something good:
LSU @ Syracuse
Georgia Tech @ Duke
Southern @ Georgia
BYU @ Michigan
Central Michigan @ Michigan St
Rice @ Baylor
Oklahoma St @ Texas
Western Michigan @ Ohio St
UMass @ Notre Dame
Louisiana Monroe @ Alabama
TCU @ Texas Tech
Vanderbilt @ Ole Miss
Texas A&M @ Arkansas
Missouri @ Kentucky
UCLA @ Arizona
Hawaii @ Wisconsin
Ball St @ Northwestern
Utah @ Oregon
USC @ Arizona St

Better get your popcorn ready. What an embarrassment.

As I look over the team schedules, these out of conference games as a whole are pathetic. Its a waste of time. Its time to revamp this system. Its time to outlaw these patsys traveling to some top 25 school to collect their paycheck and their beat down. If they cant sustain a football program without that paycheck, oh well! This is NCAA Division 1 College Football, not America just giving handouts. I am not in the business of keeping the Tennessee Martin’s and Savannah State’s football program’s afloat. I am in the business of entertainment. I want to watch the best play the best.

Its time that the NCAA and the power conferences stepped up to the big boy table and said out of conference games only amongst yourselves. Expand the playoff to 8 or 12 so losses don’t sting as much. And week after week we will have the best vs the best. We wont have schedules that look like what this week’s look like.

Needless to say, I wont be sitting in the cave this Saturday. If you want to find me, Im going to follow the advice of a buddy…..I will be on the golf course as a single hoping to get paired up with 3 guys in elbow braces, knee braces, and jorts or cargos. That’s a much better scenario than putting myself through that schedule.

Until college football wants to step up to the big boy table, Ill find plenty of things to do on Saturdays.


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