NFL Recap

What I think I think (NFL through 1 week)

-The Packers defense specifically linebackers can be taken advantage of. Matt Forte and the short passing game of the Bears exposed them for three and a half quarters.

-Adam Gase will really help Jay Cutler this year as the offensive coordinator. Cutler is still going to make his bonehead plays as he did Sunday. And the Bears are still going to lose 9 or 10 games. But they have made the best situation of the mess with Cutler

-Im not putting up the white flag on the Indianapolis Colts, but that Oline is a little bit of a problem. Andrew Luck was under duress the whole game and without any semblance of a running game, it will all be on Luck. And now take away TY Hilton…..luckily there in the AFC South.

-Rex Ryan is a great defensive mind. Time will tell how long they can get by with Tyrod Taylor

-Start the countdown clock on Mike Pettine in Cleveland.

-The Texans have to much money allotted to a defensive line- JJ Watt, Vince Wilfork, and Jadeveon Clowney.

-Anyone who doesn’t have NFL Red Zone or Directv Package and were stuck watching Panthers/Jaguars- I don’t know how you can sit down again this Sunday and watch football.

-4th and 1- this time Pete Carroll runs it, same result. I think the Seahawks made a terrible trade to acquire Jimmy Graham. They gave up their center 3rd in importance behind quarterback and left tackle for a tight end. Sure, Jimmy Graham is a talent, but Im not sure he fits in this Seattle offense. To me, Jimmy Graham, fit in New Orleans offense. Brees would take his 3,5,7 step drop and throw it. Russell Wilson is never going to get the ball out that quick or run an offense like Brees. Wilson is extremely talented. He keeps plays alive with his legs. Once he does that, its my thought that Jimmy Graham is lost then. If hes not getting it right off the line, hes not catching balls on improvised plays.

-Don’t go against Jeff Fisher as an underdog especially at home. I should have remembered that!

-Titans should be excited to watch the development of Mariota. They seem to be headed on the right track with a good offensive mind in Whisenhunt who now appears to have a quarterback.

-On the other hand, Jameis Winston looked lost.

-The Denver Broncos defense was suffocating. If only they had a quarterback. Ok, a little harsh, but Peyton is almost if not done. And to be honest, its sad to watch someone who was so great at the end.

-Does Tom Coughlin have dementia? Did part of his brain get blown off in a firework accident?

-Carnage everywhere. That’s my biggest takeaway from week 1. Devastating injuries everywhere. Luke Kuechley, Dez Bryant, Terrell Suggs, Andre Ellington, Randy Gregory, TY Hilton, Antonio Cromartie, Reggie Bush, Desean Jackson

-Don’t overreact to week 1


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