College Football Recap

What I Think I Think (College Football)……

-Devastating blow to Notre Dame losing Malik Zaire for the remainder of the season. By no means am I a Notre Dame fan, but it is good for college football when they are good. This is the exact scenario that I have argued with Irish fans for years about joining a conference. Every year Notre Dame can win the conference now that Brian Kelly has stabilized the program. Notre Dame is no longer what they used to be, none of the traditional powers are any more. And to think otherwise is just laughable. My point has been, go join a conference, you can play for the conference title every year. And every 3-5 years, make your run at the national title.

-The best quarterback for the Ohio State system is not starting. The best quarterback is standing on the sideline in JT Barrett. The second best quarterback for the system is playing wide receiver, Braxton Miller. Cardale Jones is the best pro prospect of the bunch, but his lack of explosiveness holds back the offense from reaching its ceiling. And that’s a good thing for the rest of college football. Ohio State will be in a dog fight somewhere along the way aside from the Michigan State game.

-Speaking of the Spartans, they were impressive on Saturday night. That game against Oregon has been circled on the calendar for quite some time and it showed. Mark Dantonio may be the most underrated coach in all of America.

-Havent we seen this story before? Oklahoma winning big games early. Everyone starts talking about the Sooners and how great of a job that Bob Stoops has done. And there is no questioning that he has been successful. But when will Stoops and the Sooners slip up like every other year… Ill predict October 17th when they travel to the Little Apple to play the Kansas State Fightin Bill Snyders.

-How has Steve Spurrier not recruited or developed a quarterback at South Carolina? He has made South Carolina matter again but for years we heard about the quarterback guru he was as a player and coach. His best quarterback to date for the Gamecocks is who Connor Shaw??

My way to early top 10 based on what I have seen and know:
1.) Ohio State
2.) Michigan State
3.) TCU
4.) Texas A&M
5.) Alabama
6.) Oklahoma
7.) Notre Dame
8.) LSU
9.) UCLA
10. Baylor


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