Fourteen Years Later STILL Heroes

Sometimes images for whatever reason have an unexplainable way of sticking in your head. Fourteen years later and I can still remember the scenes that were shown on television. Surreal to think about as I sit here and write this. They still elicit goosebumps and chills that I hope to never have to experience again.

As we watched in disbelief at what was occurring images were flashing of people running for their life. Indescribable destruction to two buildings that one cant comprehend. All of those images will forever be etched in my memory as I think back. But one of the moments that always pops up when this day approaches is the heroes that risked their lives.

As everyone was running away from the destruction, the New York Fire Department and the New York Police Department were running towards the collapsed towers. Just as they do everyday, they were putting their lives on the line for others. Unlike most of us each day, they put on those uniforms daily not knowing what they will encounter. And they put on those uniforms not knowing whether they will arrive back home to their families.

After 9/11, you couldn’t count the number of hats or shirts people were sporting that read NYPD or NYFD. Today for some reason, you couldn’t find someone wearing a hat or tshirt supporting a fire department or police department if you tried. It has become as extinct as pay phones.

I don’t know if its because of the garbage the media wants to feed us. I don’t know if its because people are to afraid to take a stand. I don’t know if its because we live in a nonsense world where everything is questioned for political correctness. I don’t know if its because sometimes even the leader of our country doesn’t want to acknowledge it.

I do know that our society has become lazy. And I do know that our society would rather worry about Kanye West talking at some phony awards show before getting facts on an important topic. And I do know that carpal tunnel will become more prevalent as social media has taken over our lives. Heaven forbid, Sally or Johnny doesn’t know that were taking a shower or eating an apple or whatever attention craving people post about these days.

Whatever the reason, I am here to tell you that police officers and firemen are still heroes. They were heroes before September 11th 2001 and they will be heroes long after. Without them we would be living in the wild west.

I am not afraid to sit here and type screw political correctness. I stand by you each and everyday and I want to thank you for being everyday heroes. I thank you for putting your lives on the line for people you don’t even know not knowing whether you’re returning home.

The images and goosebumps come back to me every year. I will always remember those running in when everyone else was running out. I just hope the rest of the country does not have to experience something like this again in order for them to remember and appreciate.


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