Phillies Fans Can Finally Cheer Again

For the first time in what seems like well forever, the Phillies Phaithful could be heard cheering from my man cave. Word was delivered that Ruben Amaro Jr contract will not be renewed. Frankly, it brings a teat to my eye. Phillies fans will no longer have to listen to the smug know it all talk about America’s past time. For all of baseball, hopefully we will never have to hear his name again.

Its unfortunate that a man of his dickheadedness had to be part of something that was special. I was sent the below video by the biggest Phillies fan I know when Chase Utley was traded. And I have watched it many times since mid August when the deal went down. I have said to him that I cant believe how many great memories Chase Utley had. Well here it is… to a guy who played the game the right way and helped bring a championship to Philadelphia. I long for the days of summer to mean something again in Philadelphia


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