NFC Predictions

I cant believe I am 87 minutes from the day in which the NFL starts. Below are my predictions for the NFC. AFC coming tomorrow.

NFC Preview:

NFC East (in predicted order of finish)
Philadelphia Eagles (9.5 Vegas win total) Sam I Am?? Or Sam I Am Not?? Its on Sam’s health
New York Giants (8.5 Vegas win total) Everyone down on the Giants…. weve seen this narrative before under Tom Coughlin
Dallas Cowboys (9.5 Vegas win total) Anyone can run behind this Oline- well see
Washington Redskins (6.5 Vegas win total) Who is gone first Jay Gruden or RG3

NFC North (in predicted order of finish)
Green Bay Packers (11 Vegas win total) No Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb playing through pain- its in your hands Arod.
Detroit Lions (8.5 Vegas win total)
Minnesota Vikings (7.5 Vegas win total) Second year of Bridgewater, Strong D under Mike Zimmer and return of Adrian Peterson. Sleeper??
Chicago Bears (6.5 Vegas win total) How many weeks until the articles are out on Jay Cutler and his contract

NFC South (in predicted order of finish)
Atlanta Falcons (8.5 Vegas win total) Degenerates everywhere miss Mike Smith. Falcons and Falcon fans dont
New Orleans Saints (8.5 Vegas win total) Time is running low on the Brees/Payton marriage
Carolina Panthers (8 Vegas win total) Cam Newton is going to throw to who?
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6 Vegas win total) Schedule and receivers will make Jameis look better than he is

NFC West (in predicted order of finish)
Seattle Seahawks (11 Vegas win total) Super Bowl hangover and tension in the locker room, is this the year it comes undone
Arizona Cardinals (8.5 Vegas win total) Great coach can only go so far with a quarterback named Carson Palmer
St Louis Rams (8 Vegas win total) Tune in when the Rams d is on the field. Turn off when Rams offense is on the field
San Francisco 49ers (6.5 Vegas win total) Do they have any players left?

Wild Card Round

#3 seed Seattle Seahawks over #6 seed Detroit Lions
#5 seed Arizona Cardinals over #4 seed Atlanta Falcons

Divisional Round
#1 seed Green Bay Packers over Arizona Cardinals
#2 seed Philadelphia Eagles over Seattle Seahawks

NFC Championship
Green Bay Packers over Philadelphia Eagles


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