Did They Still Get A Trophy

If youre not living under a rock, which may be better in this day, but Im sure you have seen this. If not the clip is below.

An absolute disgrace. These kids should never be allowed to put a high school football jersey on again. Their first excuse that they gave predictably was the race card. For once, people didn’t buy the race card excuse. So now the blame is going towards an assistant coach. If he is guilty, that should be the end of his coaching career.

{Sidenote- why do coaches these days not have to be certified or take any sort of test? I really appreciate the coaches I have had and the coaches who give up their time to do what they do. And sure not all these incidents are going to be avoided but I don’t get how any Tom or Jane can coach}

My big question is with the pussification of America well beyond reproach… did these kids still get their participation trophies or awards at the end of this game


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