AFC Preview

The NFC is already posted, below is the AFC Preview:

AFC East (in order of projected finish)
New England Patriots (Vegas win total 10.5) What will the Pats think of next for an advantage?
Miami Dolphins (Vegas win total 9) Tannehill takes another step forward. Joe Philbin prohibits 2 steps forward
New York Jets (Vegas win total 7.5) Good hire with Todd Bowles. Perhaps Vinny Testaverde is still in shape to play quarterback
Buffalo Bills (Vegas win total 8.5) At least Shady got paid…..and can be a man now

AFC North (in order of projected finish)
Baltimore Ravens (Vegas win total 9.5) Keep their players off elevators in AC if any hotels are still open in that ghost town
Pittsburgh Steelers (Vegas win total 8.5) Mike Vick pushes them past the Bengals
Cincinnati Bengals (Vegas win total 8.5) Buyers remorse with the Red Rifle. Don’t worry Marvin Lewis will be back again next year
Cleveland Browns (Vegas win total 6.5) If they want to win they will let Johnny spin

AFC South (in order of projected finish)
Indianapolis Colts (Vegas win total 10.5) Andrew the Giant rules division again. No signs of Hulkamania coming to slam him in division anytime soon
Houston Texans (Vegas win total 8.5) Tough to root against Bill Obrien and JJ Watt after Hard Knocks
Jacksonville Jaguars (Vegas win total 5.5) The Gus Bus is another year away from gaining momentum
Tennessee Titans (Vegas win total 5.5) At least Mariotta makes them watchable

AFC West (in order of projected finish)
San Diego Chargers (Vegas win total 8.5) I have a man crush on Mike McCoy
Kansas City Chiefs (Vegas win total 8.5) Big Red has a defense, if only he had a quarterback with a stronger arm than me.
Denver Broncos (Vegas win total 10.5) The end is near for Peyton. Enjoy the few great glimpses he gives this year
Oakland Raiders (Vegas win total 6) 12 years later, theyre on the right track. But still have some holes to fill

Wild Card Playoffs
#3 Seed Baltimore Ravens over #6 seed Houston Texans
#5 Seed Kansas City Chiefs over #4 seed San Diego Chargers

Divisional Playoffs
#3 Seed Baltimore Ravens over #2 seed New England Patriots
#1 Seed Indianapolis Colts over #5 seed Kansas City Chiefs

AFC Championship
Baltimore Ravens over Indianapolis Colts


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