Go For It Now or Prepare for the Future

The best quarterback’s are the Monday morning quarterback’s. It seems at least in their mind, they have never made the wrong choice. Those quarterback’s dont ever get questioned and their record is unblemished.

In September 2012, the Washington Nationals faced a dilemma when it came to young stud pitcher Stephen Strasburg. The Nationals brought up the 24 year old phenom to pitch with the big club. Strasburg compiled a 15-6 record with a 3.16 ERA.

In February of 2012, general manager Mike Rizzo stated that their would be an innings limit imposed on Strasburg, as the Nationals wanted to protect their investment for the future. Midway through September, Strasburg had reached his inning limit. The problem was that the Nationals were right in the thick of the race.

The Nationals had to make a decision whether they were going to stick to their guns and protect Strasburg in which this was his first full season after undergoing Tommy John surgery in September of 2010. Or were they going to put their guns down and allow Strasburg to be a cog in the run for the World Series.

Ultimately, the Nationals would stick to their guns and shut down Stephen Strasburg. The Nationals would go on to lose to the St Louis Cardinals in the NLDS in 5 games. They would miss out on the playoffs in 2013 and lose to the Giants in the 2014 NLDS in 4 games.

This piece is appropriate at this time as the New York Mets are leading the NL East with their eye on the postseason. The Mets haven’t been to the postseason since 2006. For them, the decision is a little more complex. They have 3 starters worth monitoring. Matt Harvey, 26 years old, who is coming off Tommy John surgery is on pace for over 200 innings. Jacob DeGrom, 27 years old, is on pace over 200 innings after throwing 180 last year. This year’s call up Noah Syndergaard, 22 years old, is on pace for over 150 innings. The three are combined 29-19 and the Mets are 38-24 combined when one of these 3 start.

The Mets had planned to use a 6th starter but Steven Matz was injured foiling that plan. With that injury the Mets brass is being questioned daily, specifically about Harvey and Syndergaard. They have continued to say as recent as August 13th that the next 6 weeks will not be about innings limits.

The Nationals decided to stick to their guns and shut down Strasburg. They didn’t get out of the first round that year or since. The Mets seem to be throwing out innings limits and going for it. Two different clubs with two different philosophies all with one goal in mind.. to win a World Series but at the same time protect the investment.

Time will tell on how Strasburg turns out in the long run. We will wait and see on the Mets in the near future and the extended future. However it turns out for both, you can be assured the Monday Morning quarterback’s will be out in full force improving on their undefeated record.


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