Trout Season

As I sat and watched the Yankees travel out west to play the Angels, one of those cliche’ sayings came to mind. One man’s glory is another’s misfortune. This rang through my head for 2 of the 3 games I was able to watch as the Yankees faced off against the Angels.

For those 2 games that I was able to watch, I hoped the people out west realized how special it is to get to see Mike Trout play every night. Watching him it took me back to attending a high school or college sporting event. At some of those events, you can just watch warm ups, and within 5 minutes you know who the best athlete on the field is. Thats how I felt watching Mike Trout.

I could not take my eyes off the screen any time he was batting. I hoped the Yankees hit the ball near him to watch him make a play. He became must watch television for me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

He came up to the bigs in 2011 playing 40 games for the Angels at the age of 19. At the age of 20, he showed how special he could be. In his first full year, he hit .326 with 30 home runs and 83 RBI’s. He took home the AL Rookie of the year, Stolen Base champ, and became a member of the 30 home run 30 stolen base club. Becoming legal drinking age didnt slow him down, as he hit .323 with 27 home runs and 97 RBI’s. Last year he hit .287 with 36 home runs and 111 RBI’s. His WAR’s have been 10.8, 9.3, and 7.9 respectively. He collected the AL MVP in 2014.

Trout has drawn comparisons to the all time greats. He is on pace to challenge any offensive baseball record you want to examine.

As we sit here today Mike Trout who will turn 24 by season’s end has 130 Home Runs. All time Home Run leader Barry Bonds had 84 home runs at the end of the season in which he turned the age of 24. Trout sits at 689 hits. In comparison Pete Rose the all time hit king had 518 hits when he turned 24.

Trout is in the midst of another MVP caliber season. Should he take the hardware home, he will become the youngest two time winner.

Im not going to continue to bore with you stats. This kid is special. And the kid seems as genuine and down to earth as they come.

Growing up in Millville, NJ Trout grew up a Phillies fan. And its debateable if he still might be. According to his dad, Trout was home after playing low A and rookie ball for the Angels. He was gearing up for Angels spring training. In the middle of the Night Trout’s dad heard Mike screaming. His dad walked in the room to make sure all was ok, to which Mike excitedly replied “we got Roy Halladay.” His dad responded saying the Angels got Doc? Mike screamed back No! the Phillies did as he high fived his dad.

Unfortunately for us east coasters, unless your a vampire, you dont have the pleasure to watch him night in and night out. But for two nights I got to see what the west coasters see daily, and boy my misfortune was glorious those 2 nights.


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