Fatherhood Advice

The nonactivity on my blog recently was due to a vacation to the Jersey Shore. A vacation that I wish I was still on. Anyway, I had the pleasure of meeting up with a grade school enemy turned high school buddy and brother ever since. His wife is expecting their first in October.

As I sat at The Winddrift sipping on my Grey Goose looking out at the ocean viewing lightning bolts over the water, the topic of fatherhood came up. The question and discussion of how much life changes began. I remember going through it when my wife was pregnant how much I was told and the advice I received. Much of the advice was not sought but people give it to you anyway.

They tell you how to do certain things or what things worked for them or what not to do and how to enjoy things now before the little one. They go on to say how quickly everything goes. And so on and blah blah blah. I tried to remember how many people gave me good/bad/indifferent/solicited/unsolicited advice.

Now that I look back on it and now that I am a father, everything is different for everyone. I have tried to remember how overwhelming it was hearing people spout off things as if there is a book on how to parent. I have tried to avoid doing that when some of my other friends have gone through it and asked me. I cant say for certain that I did everytime I was asked but I hope I did. And I know on this night I said what I wanted to………………..







As the lightning flashed over the ocean and these images flashed through my head, I took a sip of goose, turned to him and said—–

“A lot of people told me a lot of things. And a lot of people will tell you a lot of things. But one thing that wasnt told to me and I am going to tell it to you as my best and only advice…

Fatherhood is the greatest thing that has happened to me and there wont be a day that goes by where fatherhood wont be the greatest thing that has happened to you”


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