NBA Draft Running Blog

Most NBA fans strive for early to mid June to be the climax of the season. In Philly, we have gotten used to late June, counting on ping pong balls and watching men in suits talk. It is finally here…. the 2015 NBA Draft. And with that I give you a running blog…..

With the 76ers picking 3 my big board looks like this
Trade Down

My top 10 players

6:45 I give you father and son pump up pre game.

6:56 Tensions running high as my son is running around the room like a nut, wife chirping in my ear, and I am trying to concentrate

7:00 Go Time

7:01 Reading tweets and listening to insiders act like they have a clue what Sam Hinkie is going to do. Sam is locked in a basement and hasnt talked in a month.

7:03 See a text from my text chain that the Florida St quarterback punched a woman at a bar. Looks around and sees no one is shocked. Way to uphold the tradition at that clown college. Im sure the cops and the university board are sitting at the same table laughing about it.

7:06 Brian Windhorst reporting for ESPN. Very surprised he is not massaging Lebron James to keep the cramps away

7:08 Its been reported that Towns will be taken by T’Wolves. He seems to be the consensus pick and seems like he will fit with Pekovic being a bruiser. Im not completely sold on his game. Many point to the Notre Dame tournament game when he made jumpers over 6-7 guys all night. I hope he proves me wrong because I would enjoy having the big man be a presence in today’s NBA game again.

7:10 As we pace around the room, my son is auditioning for Super Bowl halftime show singing Wagon Wheel

7:14 Just realize the first pick doesnt go on clock until 7:30 WTF

7:19 Put some music on to relax. I bought a speaker that connects using Bluetooth. Its called the Sugar Cube. I got it at BJ’s for $23.00. It is fantastic. I dont know how long its going to last but the 2 days I have had it have been great. I am heading to the beach soon and it will be put to the test

7:21 The delay has given me time to try and escort my wife and son out of the room.

7:22 Jay Bilas throws out the name BJ Armstrong. I love the NBA but man do I miss the old NBA.

7:25 I am sponsored tonight by Victory Beer..specifically Summer Love. Lets hope the love for Sam Hinkie grows immensely tonight. Wish I was sitting on a deck at the beach or the deck at Rum Pointe or 1896 or Whiskey Creek. Im not hard to please

7:32 Lets go!!!! Take 2

7:33 Adam Silver gets a smattering of boos. I dont get it. I think hes the best commissioneer in sports by far. Now bring sports gambling to New Jersey Silver!

7:34 Silver thanks the Brooklyn Nets for hosting. There is no way Billy King had anything to do with that decision. He hasnt made a good decision since he was in kindergarten. He has been stealing money for years and its sickening

7:35 Feel like vomiting thinking about Billy King for destroying the 76er franchise. F$%K You Billy

7:36 By the way, I heard Dick Vitale on a morning Philly sports show this morning. He was on 97.5 the Fanatic on the Gargano show. I will try and find a podcast of it. He was absolutely fantastic. Its a must listen. Brought a tear to my eye.

7:38 TWolves Select Karl Anthony Towns. Now it gets interesting

7:39 Lakers Suck Lakers Suck Lakers Suck. Ruined my 2001 summer. Ruined my ping pong night a couple weeks ago, dont ruin tonight. Pick Okafor

7:40 Not surprising John Calipari is there. What a scumbag. Paging John Chaney #illkickyourass

7:42 Expecting Lakers to ruin my night. Thanks for the 2 beers Victory. Its time to sip on Kettel for the rest of the night in dejection. This is getting old Philly

7:45 Fuck

7:46 Trying to compose myself but this could go downhill fast

7:49 Hinkie take Okafor and start working the phones.

7:52 RIP Harvey Pollack- Super stat only fitting that Hinkie is now there. Class move by Silver

7:55 Six get a good player and screw the Knicks. Cant complain to much

8:01 I love watching Knicks fans hate this Prozingis pick. And I love the fact that Steven A Smith is a Knicks fan tweeting nonsense. Biggest phony in America

8:04 Speaking of phony’s will Prozingis hold the boos at the draft against the Knicks fans as long as McNabb has held it against Philly

8:08 Shocked that Magic take Hezonja. I like the pick but didnt think he would go that high. I am expecting Kings to take Cauley Stein with Boogie Cousins likely on way out. Someone in late top ten will get good value with Mudiay and Winslow

8:10 Son runs downstairs and yells Go Sixers. Little does he know he might be a teenager by the time there in the playoffs. Am I a bad dad for raising him to like the Sixers, Flyers, and Eagles?? Kid is going to suffer as I have

8:11 With Stein likely going to Kings, Hinkie work some magic and get Mudiay or Winslow…#itstartsnow

8:12 Pistons loved Hezonja, Hinkie pick up the phone and make the call, get back in at #8

8:15 Would be extremely interesting to see Boogie and Cauley Stein on floor at same time.

8:19 Who is going to win the battle between Boogie and George Karl? Karl is a good coach but come on hes not Greg Pop

8:22 Bye Bye Ty Lawson as Mudiay is selected by Nuggets. Will be interesting to see what the return is for Ty Lawson.

8:23 Larry Brown says Mudiay is better than John Wall. This is the same guy who said he didnt pick Paul Pierce in the draft because he promised Larry Hughes he would take him. Thanks Larry

8:25 Hey Sam Winslow is still available……..

8:30 Not sure how Winslow is still on board as Pistons take Stanley Johnson….. Hey Sam pick up the phone Hornets have been wanting to trade out

8:32 I think Stanley could be a shut down defender similar to Andre Igoudala, but not as athletic. I dont think Pistons are a great fit though. He couldve benefitted by going later to better team

8:34 I wish Jalen Rose was holding his bat as he works this show

8:35 Im sure Philly sports radio will be just glorious tomorrow that they didnt get Russell. For the 3rd straight year Hinkie has taken best player available. Cnat argue with that

8:37 As the Hornets take Frank the tank, I think back to the glory days at the Hive with Alonzo and grandmama and Mugsy and Kendall Gill and Dell Curry

8:38 Jordan keeps tradition of drafting questionable NBA prospects alive. I do like Kaminsky and enjoyed watching him play at the Wisconsin Bo Ryans but not sure about him in the NBA

8:41 Hey Sam… Winslow… hes still there

8:42 Dammit SAM!!!!!! Heat get Winslow. I hate Miami to. Fradulent fan base.

8:45 Heat have a nice lineup now- Whiteside, Bosh, Winslow, Dragic, and possibly Wade. I will pull for them to be better than Cleveland though

8:48 Top 10 done and 2 of my top 10 still alive with Booker and Portis

8:49 Pacers take Myles Turner. With West opting out, is it a replacement or will they shop Hibbert now? And with Turner being from Texas, how on this earth did Rick Barnes get another job??

8:52 My wife just asked me to do something. I was listening half heartedly. I guarantee I will forget what she asked and I will have to play dumb tomorrow like she never asked. Kind of a repetitve pattern, I cant be the only married man doing this

8:56 I think Bilas and Jalen do a pretty good job, but any chance we can get Erine Johnson, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith next year

9:00 Calipari needs to shut his face. Sad part is the Kentucky guys taken outside of lottery taking a pay cut. Chaney failed us

9:02 ESPN just showed stat that Suns lost 18 games by 5 points or less and won 39 games. Could be an over the win total bet next year. Thats a stat that should flip next year unless Jeff Hornacek is a terrible coach and I dont know it

9:04 Booker to Suns is a great fit. He should have a ton of open looks in that offense

9:05 Booker got screwed playing behind those twins. Guy couldve stretched the d and opened it up even more for those bigs

9:07 Booker may be one of my favorite picks in this draft because of where he landed. May be some good value on rookie of the year for him

9:08 I may be very invested in the Phoenix Suns. The NBA League Pass is becoming more and more in reach

9:11 With the Thunder selecting Cameron Payne, not sure there is enough basketballs for him, Westbrook, and Durant. I thought Sam Dekker wouldve been the best fit

9:16 The Hawks are the most uninteresting team in sports, but have great old school jerseys

9:20 And we finally have a trade with Hawks and Wiz… thought there was going to be more tonight. Air has come out of the man cave here. Hinkie give me something

9:23 Sixers and Celtics may be the only teams picking in next years draft will all the future draft picks they have collected

9:25 For those wondering… I announced my return to the hardwood a week or so ago. Tuesday night was to be the night but the only thing that could stop me was a tornado. And New Jersey basically got that. Tune into CBS Sports Network 3 this coming Tuesday for the return

9:34 ESPN just brought on some shlub to talk about fashion. This running blog may be coming to an end if this is what I am going to be subjected to

9:38 Great fit for Sam Dekker going to Rockets. He should get open looks with James Harden and Dwight Howard. This is another one of my favorite picks because of landing spots. Should remind of Chandler Parsons

9:44 With Jerian Grant being selected they showed the family table. I would still take Horace and Harvey Grant over Jeremy and Jerian Grant in 2 on 2 holiday games

9:54 Guys still available that peak my interest… Bobby Portis, Justin Anderson, and RJ Hunter

9:57 Phil Jackson interviewed: He acts like he saw Porzingis numerous times. Give me a break, he hasnt left his Penthouse suite to even watch his shitty Knick team. He should have just said I have 11 rings and I will do what I want

10:00 Now on the clock the HOIBERGS!!!!!!!

10:04 Portis to the Hoibergs and Anderson to Mavs, great fits for both

10:24 Cavs select Tyus Jones and every NBA Insider including ESPN guys reporting hes been traded to Minnesota. ESPN then goes on a tangent on how great Tyus Jones is a fit. Taking this quote from my boy Deuce “How do the insiders not relay the trades before these morons start talking about it” Well said and in concluding this Deuce gets the final word “Kaaaaahhhhhnnnnnnnnnn”

10:27 Spurs on the clock. They will pick someone who has been living in Kazakhstan shooting socks because he didnt have a basketball who will turn out to be some star

10:32 Spurs right on cue with Nikola Milutinov

10:34 Im taking this from twitter but would be classic. How great would it be if the Spurs took someone that didnt exist just to hear what is said, which most likely would be praise

10:47 Billy King now on the clock…. this will be good.
He literally picked someone out of crowd. Chris McCullough from Syracuse

10:49 Just saw Andy Katz tweet that Kevon Looney has left green room. Teams have concerns about hip. Seems like a Sam Hinkie type guy

10:57 Warriors take Looney to complete Round 1

Well it was fun folks. My favorite picks based on player talent and landing spots
Winslow to Heat
Booker to Suns
Anderson to Mavs
Portis to Bulls

I thought Sam Hinkie would be more active but Icant complain they took one of the best 3 players on the draft boards. I love Okafors offensive game. I thought at times he was a little soft but will see how that plays out. There has been questions about his defense, I believe around the rim he will get better. The biggest concerns I have are guarding the pick and roll and his free throw shooting.

Thanks for reading. I thought it would be more eventful. I guess I will just have to see you again tomorrow night for the NHL Draft.

Deliver me Provorov Hextall


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