Exclusive Interview

If any of you have been living under a rock, havent turned on your computer or TV, you may have missed the breaking news that has captured the attention of audiences everywhere. For those of you who have seen it, you may be sick of seeing the news all over the media.
Saxtonswisdom had a chance to sit down with Jonathan Davis as he gave his first interview since inking a deal to return to the basketball court…….

Q. How does it feel to be back?
A. Well you know, I never gave up the dream. I always thought I would be back on the court. There were certainly days when I didnt know if it would happen, but I did my best to keep my dream alive.

Q. The last time we saw you on a court was in Emmitsburg, MD a little over 9 years ago, where you walked off in defeat- what do you remember about that?
A. That was a difficult day. I knew I wouldnt be back and I really wanted to bring a championship to Reflog Nation. Those fans supported us through the years that I was there. We got close so many times but just couldnt get over the hump.

Q. What did you learn in your time playing with the Reflogs?
A. First off I had tremendous teammates. A lot of the success we had was because of those guys. As far as my development as a basketball player, I became a lot tougher. I didnt have a choice.

Q. What are some of the things that stick out when you look back at your time with the Reflogs?
A. First and foremost, my teammates. Those guys were the best. Individually, the playoff game where I scored 28 and knocked in 8 threes. That win led us to the final 4 in my last year. I really thought that was the year. The other thing that will stick out was the dispute with Dunlap and the Coaches team. They were the best team with careers many of us dream of. Dunlap was a major contributor in the game in the early to mid 90s for Old Dominion when they upset Kerry Kittles and Villanova in the NCAA tournament. I got into it with him. I wanted to let him know that he may have been able to push around Kerry Kittles and the rest of the boys from the main line, but we werent Villanova. We werent going to be pushed around. I wanted to let him know he may get his that night but it wasnt going to be easy, and it wasnt going to feel good getting out of bed the next day. Ultimately, we lost in the closing seconds, but I think as a team we saw we could hang with the best and we were NOT going to be intimated by anyone.

Q. You guys played an interesting style (Reflogs), can you bring that with you to your new team?
A. I dont know. I am going to try and do what they need me to do. If that means rebounding, if that means running the offense, if that means being the shooter, if that means locking down someone.. I am going to do what we need to do to win. But you summed it up well the Reflogs were interesting. We could get out and run. We could settle in the half court and run the pick and roll. We could shoot you out of a zone. If you played us man, we were going to bang it inside. We could do it all and we prided ourselves in that.

Q. Anything else you want to touch upon with your time with the Reflogs?
A. I just hope that we brought some good times to Reflog Nation. I hope that everyone understood we were going to fight. You tell us where and what time and well be there. You want to play in a parking lot, well be there.
–Visibly choked up in his closing statements on the Reflogs–

Q. Transitioning to this opportunity, where are you at in our preparations?
A. Well, its starting to come back. I always thought it was like riding a bike. The first couple days out here, that bike needed training wheels. But its starting to come back. I will be ready.

Q. What can the fans expect from you?
A. There going to see someone who is going to do what it takes to get the W.

Q. How would a scout describ your game to these fans who havent seen you play. Give us a scouting report if you will.
A. Silky smooth shooter. He is a great spot up shooter. Provides great spacing. Not as great off the dribble shooting. Ball handling needs improvement. Understands positioning and help defense. Not overly fast but makes up for it in smarts. A guy who is going to go to battle for his teammates, not going to back down. A real glue guy who can play different roles.

Q. Anything in closing…
A. I just want to thank the organization for this opportunity. You will see that I am going to leave it all on that court every Tuesday night. And to the fans out there, thanks for the support through the years. And Id just like to close by saying dont give up on your dreams. I have been a free agent for 9 years and I wanted another shot at it. I wasnt able to deliver a championship to Reflog Nation but I am going to bring it here.



    1. The squad needs a guy who takes the inbounds pass and everyone else clears out. A guy who is one man press breaker, similar to this kid who used to play at Theee Bishop Hoban in the early 2000s

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