The Deflators

WARNING: Here comes the required Patriots Tom Brady thoughts that I am sure everyone is sick of hearing.

Since starting this blog, I have learned a couple things. The most important I believe is to not react immediately to any game or story. Sometimes it has happened adn I look back and laugh. And sometimes I have looked back and think to myself why did I post that.

So in the case of Tom Brady and Deflategate, I sat back and read most of the details and let my emotions be removed from the story.

I would like to make a couple things clear before my thoughts are posted. On May 2nd, I sent a group text stating that Tom Brady is the F*#%!@G man after seeing him at the Derby and hopping on a private jet to be interviewed at the Mayweather fight.

Lets be honest, what guy wouldnt want to live his life. The quarterback of a great team, a model for a wife, and the money to do anything you please. Dont give me the dumb Ugg comments. One day youll realize its all about comfort. It doesnt matter how your shoes look or what others think about them, as long as you are comfortable. And when that day comes, your feet and back will thank you.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Bill Bellicheck and the Patriots have been pushing the envelope for years. They were caught video taping other team’s in the famous Spygate scandal and faced the consequences. I have heard players on opposing teams speak about it, give specific games and plays, and there is no doubt it happened and it went on for more than the Patriots want to lead on.

They have pushed the envelope in dealing with the rules. See the playoff game against the Ravens in which they ran a play never seen before that went for a touchdown. Bellicheck’s response “Read the rulebook”

The Patriots are no strangers to trying to maximize any advantage that they can.

The topic at hand is in relation to Tom Brady and the deflating of footballs. And whether or not he had any stake in it?

I will lay it out the best that I can and you can be the judge. Two equipment guys who may as well be paid in Big Mac coupons as their salary have a pretty telling text exchange accoridng to the Wells Report. I cant think of any logical reason either of these guys would risk their job by doing this on their own.

The Patriots and Bob Kraft were rather forthcoming when the accusations were first made. Bob Kraft stating that the NFL will owe him apology when all is said and done. Kraft stated they have nothing to hide.

Its rather suspicious that an “innocent” party with nothing to hide would not cooperate in an investigation. Ted Wells stated that he asked to speak with one of the equipment managers after coming across a text in which the equipment manager referred to himself as the Deflator. The Patriots upon receiving the request indicated they wouldnt even ask him to sit down again. If there was nothing to hide, why couldnt he be interviewed a second time.

Since the report has been released, the 2 equipment managers have been suspended by the Patriots. If there is nothing to hide and nothing was done illegal, why the suspensions?

Tom Brady was asked to hand over his phone in the investigation whcih he refused. Ted Wells states that Brady’s agent can get a print out of the messages that were requested. Brady would not have to turn over the smoke show pictures of Gisele just a piece of paper with relevant text messages, controlled by Brady’s agent! Again, a refusal.

Its fairly easy to come to the conclusion that Brady “probably”, as Wells put it, played a part in deflating the footballs.

In the grand scheme of things, did this play a major part in the Patriots success, probably not. However, it certianly helped. The statistics show that the Pats fumble ratio is the best in the league almost over a decade. And this is playing in New England… in the winter months.

Let me just ask you this, if it really isnt that big of a deal to deflate the footballs, then why would Tom and the equipment guys go to the length they did to do so. I have heard some analysts say it helped and some say it wouldnt matter. Either way, no different than a baseball player on steroids, it certainly put Tom’s mind at ease.

It has been told that Brady and Manning were very instrumental in getting the NFL to change the rule to allow teams to bring their own footballs to games. Again, if its not a big deal, why step to the plate to get the rules changed.

The evidence to me is pretty clear. Roger Goodell and Troy Vincent were backed into the corner after some of the suspensions handed down last year. I believe they gave the Pats and Brady every chance to cooperate and they didnt. And I think the suspension is more about that. The fine and draft pick loss is no different than what happened to the Saints when head coach Sean Payton and the organization claimed ignorance in Bountygate. Goodell at the time stated ignorance is not an excuse.

The Patriots and Brady will probably appeal and maybe it will get dropped one or two games. I predict it is going to end up as a 3 game suspension. In the end, its not the court of law that it has to be beyond a reasonable doubt, this is Roger Goodell’s courtroom.

Those that say that Brady and the Patriots have a case against the NFL in the court of law, maybe they do. But I think the NFL would then subpoena the phone and phone records of Tom Brady. The NFL maybe would lose but the truth would come out.

I am not one who thinks this will taint or should taint Brady and Bellicheck’s legacy. I dont think it takes away from any accomplishments they have in their tenure.

Its clear that the Patriots have read the rulebook as noted By Belliecheck in the presser following the Ravens win. They “probably” skipped over the part about the PSI of the game balls.


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