The Last Laugh

The picture above is of Marshall Henderson. Some of you may remember him. He was a college basketball player at Ole Miss who played on the edge. He called himself the landshark and made the gesture seen above. Nonetheless, I must tip my hat to him

In 2013 he was suspended for an alledged failed drug test. A tweet from Erin Andrews was sent shortly thereafter reading
“He mocking anyone now?” The landshark vowed revenge.

Two years later the landshark got his prey. Erin Andrews boyfriend Jarret Stoll, who plays for the Los Angeles Kings was arrested Friday night. He was arrested for possessing coacaine during a security patdown.

The landshark tweeted at Andrews….
“lol wassup with your boyfriend?!?

Hats off landshark. I will wait for smokeshow of yesteryear Erin Andrews response. The problem is I cant even find what channel she is on anymore.


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