The man and his dream

This is a tale of a man who has a dream and a goal. The goal he set forth is to play quarterback in the NFL. He was drafted in the first round after having one of the all time great college careers ever. He got his shot in his first season and with some skill, some magic, and a lot of luck led his team to a playoff win.

Shortly thereafter he was traded. He has not made another start to this day in the NFL. For the last two years and he has been working on improving. Time after time, he has been told to switch positions and that he is not good enough to play. Zero times has he listened.

That man with this dream- Tim Tebow. The other day the dream had a glimmer of hope as he signed a contract with the Philadelhia Eagles.

Frankly, he probably isnt good enough to start in the NFL. He is probably competing for the third string job. But thats no matter as this article is about the American Dream.

Growing up, I was always told you can be whatever you want if you work hard enough. Admittedly, some things are a lot harder to accomplish than others. But the opportunity is there. That is what was great about America.

Somewhere between then and now, that has been lost. Flip the channels on any given night. What you will see is pure garbage. Walk around the streets, and what you will see is people looking for their next handout.

I hear many others complain about where society is headed. But those same people will tune in to the Kardashians, Jersey Shore, or whatever other fake reality show is being pushed. The media continues to force these clowns down our throats. And we continue to swallow it.

We continue to get giddy hearing abut athletes like Adrian Peterson who abused his son, Ray Rice who knocked out his fiance, Jameis Winston who raped a girl, and Ray Lewis who murdered a guy to name a few. Again, we feed into the media narrative.

Circling back to Tim Tebow, a guy who has put his time in, worked hard to accomplish what he has, and is a model citizen is being torn apart. No one in their right mind believes he is competing for the starting job. So what is the big deal if he makes them team as a backup?

Some people have a hard time with his religious beliefs. Do I believe in how strongly he feels- No, but since when did we become so shallow and narrow minded of a society.

Society is headed down a scary path. This world is being fed garbage- literally and figuratively, and continuing to digest it. Tim Tebow should be embraced for working hard toward his goal.

I can only hope that when society has had their fill of their “reality” show, received their free handout, worshiped their athletes that no longer need directions to the courtroom, they will realize the American Dream is still out there for some.


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