Year #19

Annual March Madness writing:

Two of my favorite days of the year have now come and gone. The 2 days that I am referring to are the Thursday and Friday of the NCAA Tournament. As customary, for almost 2 decades, on Wednesday night my stomach began to get a little queasy. And as customary, there is no way I was going to be able to go to work.

For the first time, I did not have plans etched in stone. As I have gotten older, I have had to come to the painful realization that some traditions are no longer yearly. But this was the first time, it has affected 2 of the best days of the year. The crew is spread out all over the globe these days and a last minute push was made to get some of the boys together but much like Northeastern’s late minute push on Thursday, the slipper didnt fit and the clock struck midnight.

So I woke up for the first time on Thursday morning with no place to go, and no one to share the day with. I spent much of the morning wandering aimlessly throughout the house. And for the first time in 19 years, I was not excited and was not looking forward to noon when the games would start.

At noon, I took my place alone as I tuned in to the beginning of the tournament. For once, the stomach ache excuse that has become my mid march staple was real. I didnt realize how much I loved the annual tradition with the crew.

So I sat and watched as Notre Dame and Northeastern started the tournament. And then the magic began.

Notre Dame staved off a furious late rally by Northeastern. And then……

Minutes later…..

And it still wasnt finished in a game that went back and forth much of the second half; what would be a March Madness without a little controversy

Followed by….

And still not done….

And another….

The Lumberjacks of Stephen F Austin tried to become a Cinderella for year 2 but there rally fell short vs Utah. And just when you thought the drama was done, NC State found themselves down 16 at one point to battle back for this….

And a nightcap for those who hadnt had enough….

There were a couple blowouts thrown in there but for the most part one dramatic finish followed another before you could catch your breath.

For 18 years, the stomach ache was fake. This year it was real. Maybe it was loneliness and maybe it was sadness at a tradition that took a one year hiatus. Whatever it was March Madness drama provided a little bit of a consolation prize as only the Madness could.

If there was ever a doubt why March and the stories are so incredible…..


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