An (Extra) Ordinary Bottle….

The picture above looks like any ordinary full Yuengling bottle. And it is just any old bottle. It is not posted there to be a trick or to be any illusion or anything of that sort.

Tonight, I made beer battered fish and chips. I used a bottle of Yuengling for the beer batter. It smelled so good that I needed to drink one. Dinner concluded and I still had some beer left. My family and I have a birthday to go to tonight and I needed to take a quick shower so that we arent any more late than we already will be.

Being in a silly mood, I decided to take my beer in to the shower with me. As I stood in the shower looking at the Yunegling bottle, my mind began racing faster than a car at Daytona.

At the Mount, you couldnt waste any pregame time, so beers would go in to the shower. Taking the beer into the shower tonight, flooded my head with all sorts of memories from college.

The silly act tonight took me back to the sporting event, the crazy Thursday and Saturday nights, the usual laid back Friday night, the golf practices, the quad golf matches, the intramural and pick up games, the parties, the sneaking the beer in the dorms as an underage student (it always seemed to taste better than), the tailgates, the March Madness parties, and the many many more memories that are to many to list.

The ordinary bottle has given me some of the best things in my life. It has graced me with a beautiful wife and the best thing in my life my son. (It probably gave her the liquid courage to approach me as Freshman.) It has given some of the best friends a guy could ever ask for.

The ordinary bottle that I took in the shower is now empty. But it will forever be an extraordinary bottle overflowing with memories. To those memories, to my wife, and to some of the best guy friends in the world, to the greatest 4 years of my life, I am extremely lucky… I raise the bottle


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