Friday Running Blog

Working from home on Friday on conference tournament Friday makes me a bit giddy. Giddy enough to compose a running blog

11:30AM: Saved the second cup of coffee for late morning as I stalk the lines. Had 4 games I really liked (Michigan, Maryland, Houston, Michigan St). I couldnt resist adding the excitement of other games. Those 4 will either go 0-4 or 40 and youll think I edited it but its just ca$$$$hhhhh. Next time you see a UHaul following a hearse for someone to take their belongings with them call me.

11:44AM- Exchanging texts about how much I love the A10 tourny and discussing Richmond/VCU. Informed that Richmond plays a matchup zone and VCU struggling without Brionte Webber. Information came from reliable source = add Richmond to my plays

12:00PM And we are underway…………

12:23PM What a start by the Wolverines. I love Bo Ryan and the Badgers but all John Beilein today

12:34PM- Did you know BJ Raji was still in NFL and he is a free agent. Me either, mind blown

12:37PM Debating with this cop from Hanover for a while now that Kyrie Irving is a good player. Arguing if he was a great player he could have taken the Cavs to the playoffs. The 8 seed the last 2 years was 38-44. Great performance last night, no doubt, but Lebron has made a lot of guys look great. This cop has a square head though and I have had to carry him through life

12:41PM- Decide to make lunch. I made pulled pork last night but for some reason I still dont eat meat on Fridays during Lent. Take away weddings, I have stepped foot in a church the same amount of good decision Ruben Amaro Jr has made = 2. But for some reason I still follow the fast. And for some reason I still give something up. So Ellios pizza it is for lunch. Need a dispensation like the old days.

12:55PM Exchanging group texts about the NFL and free agency. Completely flustered trying to keep up with the NFL convo and these games. But loving life

1:17PM- Kentucky is undefeated and trying to make history and they are not even on my radar to check the score or flip the channel to check out a second of it.

1:51PM- Lasalle in complete control with 4:45 left up 9 on Davidson and now we have ourselves a ball game.

1:58PM- Buzzer Beater by Davidson!!!!!!!! It is now officially March

2:00PM- Michigan easy cover. Gutty performance by Wisconsin

2:08PM- Next session starting. Wish they would stagger these games a little better. I cant keep up. Hats off to the NCAA tourny for beginning to stagger the times.

2:27PM- Lets go Nits. Lets go Owls. I have been to the Big East tourny twice and the A10 tourny twice, I miss those all day affairs. I would like to get that on my calendar for 2016.

2:33PM- I hate that Temple is not in the A10. I hate this AAC conference.

3:03PM- Nits played a great 1st half but 3 games in 3 days the way they play, dont have a good feeling. They have to work for everything including breathing.

4:04PM- Great game in the A10 with the Spiders and VCU in the battle of Richmond. I really like both of these teams. I wish VCU was at full strength. Richmond dominating the paint.

4:11PM- Nits fading and Boilermakers making free throws.

4:14PM- Good run by Patty Chambers and the Nits but not enough talent. Cant scrap your way 3 rounds

4:16PM- My favorite Philly team at this moment the Owls and I have neglected them, probably because of this stupid AAC conference. They are going to survive. Ill be invested tomorrow in the Owls. Hopefully we can get a Temple/Nova day

4:18PM- Richmond was up 60-55 in control late in game/ flashback to Lasalle game. Watched the end of Nits game and now VCU up 1

4:21PM Huge 3 by Richmond to cut lead to 2 with .9 secs left and the cover at +3!!!

4:21PM- Foul before VCU can inbound. Was hoping for catch and time runs out before foul

4:22PM- Makes first lead at 3. Misses second. Heave hits the rim at the horn. Not sure it wouldve counted but flashback of Butler/Duke championship game type shot, settle for push and 1-0-1 start to the day

5:02PM- Wife not happy because I forgot to stop and get lettice for salad. I legitimately forgot. A lot on this mind

5:06PM- Titos and Cranberry #1

6:22PM- Powernap

6:43PM- Dinner after my son gives me a karate chop to the stomach to wake me up.

7:00PM- Lets gooooo, night sessions

7:45PM Time to start getting son ready for bed.

7:48PM- Informed by my son that he would like a brother….interesting but today isnt the day for that!!!!

8:04PM- Back downstairs like a madman trying to catch up on the scores. Computer, Ipad, Iphone, TV catching up

8:07PM- Wife yells down the staris “come upstairs, your son threw up” My immediate reaction is genuine feeling bad for him. Followed by disgust that I am going to miss minutes of games. Followed by maybe I can talk my wife out of the nonsense planned for tomorrow by convincing how sick he is and how sick he will be tomorrow.

8:21PM- Back downstairs

8:26PM- Wife asks if I think she can make it to BJs before they close at 9. Without hesitation, “Absolutely!!”

8:27PM- A man, his tv, his running blog, titos and cran, by himself.

8:33PM- I hear a noise which turned out to be a band instrument from the TV but before I realized what it was, I ran what wouldve been a 4.5 40 up the stairs to check on the boy.

8:39PM- I really like this Terps team. Melo and Dez are very good. Nice 1-2 punch and some good role players. Not a fan of the coach but depending on a bracket draw, they can make a run

8:41PM- Virginia trying to claw its way back

8:44PM- Providence giving Nova everything it wants

9:01PM- Send a text indicating how much I like the Terps team. Receive a reply that my good friend is out to dinner with the in laws. My immediate reaction is to put the whistle around my neck and throw the life saving tube by starting to text the scores and keep him updated. Not a great feeling to be sitting at dinner wondering WTF is going on. Cant check your phone because it may cause a fight on way home with wife and dont want to be disrespectful to in laws. But youre friend is just blowing up your phone, at least you can say I have no control. My friend is a loser. He is sitting home with a running blog right now.

9:12PM- Nova guy gets molested up 2 no call, Providence gets it lays it in- tie game 12 seconds left.

9:13PM- Arcidiacano fouled with 3 secs. Not much contact but in my opinion a make up call at the worst time for one

9:15PM- Nova survives and #1 seed still alive

9:17PM- UVA scrapping but UNC great free throw shooting answering the bell. UVA cant fall behind in tourny because they have trouble scoring. Fantastic defensive team but sometimes you want to shut your eyes when they have the ball

9:22PM- UNC seals deal. GO Duke. Hoping for UNC/Duke round 3 final

9:24PM- Flip to Sixers game to immediately see stat line for Boogie Cousins 37 and 21. I wish he was on a playoff team. He finishes with 39-24. Also worth mentioning their is a girl ref I havent seen or really looked at. Shes pretty hot. And the 6 win…..Clap your hands everybody!!!!

9:35PM- New session starting

9:38PM- Its March and I love watching Izzo in MArch. I wish they didnt televise Sparty until March

10:02PM- Flip over to NBATV to check Mavs/Clips score and I see Charlie Villanueva checking into game. I have to send a text as I didnt know he is still alive. As I send it, I receive a text from the Tundra that Dontrelle Willis comeback bid is over. Another guy who I didnt know was still playing

10:09PM- More band noise run back upstairs to make sure my son doesnt have March Madness fever

10:13PM- Decide to straighten up the house and unload the dishwasher…..great husband- golf season just about to begin need all the points I can get

10:19PM- Irish in complete control vs Duke early trying to ruin my night and hopes of UNC/Duke

10:31PM- I love Sparty

10:37PM- Put pandora on as I sit and enjoy basketball with the wife.

10:58PM- Realize how much I enjoy Adele and John Legend right now.

11:12PM- Lumineers!!!!!! Saxton just weeks away!!!!!

11:29PM- Forgot one of my selctions was the Mavericks. Decide to check and see = an easy winner. Sparty a winner. 5-2-1 on the day with the Philadelphia Oregon Ducks pending

11:31PM- Duke pushing back has cut the deficit to 9 as I decide I need Nachos

11:32PM- Pandora is bringing it tonight

11:37PM Jahlil Okafor 28 points and 8 rebounds. I have seen special flashes from him and D’Angelo Russell. I hope you are watching Sam Hinkie

11:39- The cop from Hanover is now texting my wife. Like, he didnt annoy me enough about Kyrie Irving, now he is texting my wife about Eric Church concert at this hour of the night

11:41PM- Forgot about the Hoibergs (Iowa St) game. But torn on the outcome. I love Hoiberg and I love Lon Kruger Oklahoma coach. But I cant ever root for Oklahoma because Bob Stoops has a slight lead for the most overrated coach over Roy Williams. Please Lon Kruger go back to UNLV or anywhere else

11:43PM- Thanks to the Tundra for keeping me updated as to what transpired in the Hoiberg/Kruger matchup

11:45PM- Ipad cant make it through conference tourny Friday. Needed to go to the bullpen and get the charger. Apple is ridiculous with this midget cord length on the charger

11:47PM- Irish are going to take down Duke and ruin my Saturday night. I hate their stupid highlighter shoes

11:49PM- Flipping channels and saw on CBS Sports Network MWC Tourny Live from Vegas. The drunker I get the more convinced I get that is the best idea for a 2016 conference tourny trip

11:51PM- Tune to Fox Sports 1 to see Xavier, one of my favorite annual March teams, beating Gtown. I was hoping for Gtown/Nova to replace the Duke/UNC rivalry that didnt happen. But they look to be trying to ruin this dream to

11:53PM Shrek plays for Xavier and he has rec specs

11:55PM- Just saw on ticker that Tiger will miss Bay Hill because his game is not Tourny ready. Come on man!! Get mic’d up and at least humor the nation. Call your shots. Just like when my group is struggling they start calling their shots. So what if you miss the cut. This comment led me to the idea that players and their caddies should be mic’d up

11:57PM- I realized this when I was watching the Nova game earlier but forgot to input it…. I love watching big games, especially close games, from the Garden.

11:58PM- Gtown down 3 with ball 22 seconds left. Im very invested and my wife is trying to ask me about Kindergarten work. Shes trying to turn this into amateur hour

12:00Am- And Its Saturday…..

12:02AM- The ticker has alerted me Russ Westbrook had another triple double. Him, Harden, and Steph Curry are must watch right now.

12:03AM- Hoyas down 3 10 seconds left with ball…. here we go

12:13AM- 10 mins later the game ends. Clock malfunction and there is no doubt the clock operator is employed by the Knicks. They havent made a good hire since Allan Houston wasnt crippled. Xavier/Nova tomorrow

12:14AM- Great day. Supposed to rain tomorrow. Will do much of the same. I am “supposed” to go to a birthday party tomorrow night, but my son is sick!!!!! I may have to pull some magic out of my sleeve as I know he will wake up and run around like he never vomited

12:15AM- Nightcap and signing off- Go Ducks



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