Giveth and Taketh

For many years the fans of Chicago got to witness the greatest night in and night out. They were gifted 6 titles in an 8 year span. So this is not a piece telling you to feel sorry for Chicago Bulls fans. If anything they were beyond spoiled.

With the news coming down that Derrick Rose will undergo another surgery, its a stomach punch to Bulls fans, but its also a slap in the face to NBA fans. Many had selected the Chicago Bulls to come out of the East and represent in the NBA Finals.

Taking a look at the Western Conference is just salivating to think what the West Playoffs will be like. But the East was not going to be so shabby either. Atlanta has emerged, the Raptors are surprising, Lebron and the Cavs have been playing at a high level, the Wizards have struggled of late but should turn it around, and if the Pacers get Paul George maybe they can give a top seed everything they want in Round 1. Many agreed the Bulls would be the class of the list I just presented.

Many have now changed their tune on the Chicago Bulls without Rose. Now, I am not the biggest Derrick Rose fan, I think his comments about post career are ridiculous especially seeing what Russell Westbrook is doing on a nightly basis but I was hoping he could return close to what he was for pure entertainment reasons.

We are talking about a guy who won the NBA MVP at age 22. Whether he could have sustained that level is debatable but without a doubt he was an unbelievable talent. When was the last time we had any sport have someone win the MVP at age 22 and never even play in another All Star game.

I am not counting the Bulls out yet from representing the East. The task will be very tall to ask, but they still have Gasol and Noah inside and the emergence of Jimmy Butler. They also have a great coach in Tom Thibadeau.

In comparing the stats from Derrick Rose’s MVP Season to this season, there is a noticeable difference. He was playing 31 minutes that isnt easy to replace but its not as if he was carrying the team on his back.

MVP Season
81 Games
37 minutes
25 points per game
45% fg
33% 3pt fg
86% free throw
4 rebounds
7 assists
1 steal
3 tunrovers

This season
46 games
31 minutes
18 points per game
40% fg
29% 3pt fg
82% free throw
3 rebounds
5 assists
0.7 steals
3 tunrovers

The presence of Derrick Rose will be hard to overcome but I believe they can make up for the production. Either way dont feel bad for Bulls fans, they were spoiled for years. Its the NBA fans in general who are losing out from an entertainment perspective.


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