Best Weekend of 2015?

I meant to post this last week but didnt get around to it. The weekend of February 6 through 8th was as good as it gets. It is by far the best of 2015 and it will be tough to top, but hopefully we can come close.

My son recently started walking around the house saying hockey. It was music to my ears. On numerous occasions, he has asked me to turn on hockey. We got him a hockey set which included 2 nets, sticks, pucks, and balls which I may be enjoying more than him.

Anyway, we decided to take him to Flyers practice down the street. Below are pictures from that experience. He may have liked the zamboni the best but it was an awesome time. Really cool if youre a hockey fan to go over and watch them practice.






We went to Lo Spiedo for dinner. Great restuarant from the food, to the atmosphere, to the setting, to the service. Highly recommend.


We got spoiled with nice weather on Sunday. He was finally able to test out his Christmas present. He has to do some work on his driving but the smile and excitement he had was worth the wait.


Of all the things my eyes have seen, the best by far is you!

To the best weekend of 2015………….


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