Appreciate and Enjoy

It is three days later and I am still thinking about the Super Bowl. It was an absolute fantastic game that had every element you could ever want. My mind has wandered all over the place thinking about all the different angles that transpired. I wrote a little bit about Tom Brady being the greatest of all time. But I want to expand further on another sentence that was in the post.

The crux of the sentence was to appreciate what we have while it is here. Throwout the thought and debate whether Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. He is certainly in the tops of the list. Wherever he may be, he is approaching the end. For years, he has been one of the best in the league. For years, his coach Bill Bellicheck has been one of the best in the league. When was the last time we have had the best player and best coach on the same team.

I am as guilty as the next in the fact that I have criticized and maybe taken for granted how good these guys are. I am guilty of taking the side against Lebron James, against Tiger Woods, against Sidney Crosby, against Kentucky basketball (Calipari is still a scum though) ,and against Tom Brady. As a fan of all sports it becomes tough to take the bias out of it.

However, pondering the thought of Brady and Bellicheck hit me hard. Its not always easy, but its time we start appreciating how good these guys are. Its always easier after the fact to look back on players when they retire and talk about the talent. Its time to live in the present, myself included, and enjoy what we have prior to retirement. Under no circumstances am I suggesting that you cant be objective and point out mistakes or flaws but to deny their talents is just silly.

As I said earlier, the thought of this hit me hard. I took it a step further.

About a year ago, my wife and I were sitting at the table enjoying a cup of coffee. My wife got up to answer the phone and naturally my son decided he was going to sit in my wife’s seat. He decided to loosen up his arm and proceeded to throw the cup of coffee across the room. Coffee everywhere and my wife’s Irish coffee mug shattered. Both of us became angry with our son and the situation. This is one example of something silly that has happened that enrages you as a parent. Im sure those who have older kids can name a million other examples.

My wife and I were sitting at dinner the other night reminiscing about the incident. A year after the occurrence we sat their and laughed. We didnt laugh as hard at what happened but we laughed hysterically about how mad we got. Hindsight is always 20/20 and its always easier to look back at how silly the situation was.

The point of my expanded thought was that dont apply the logic to just sports figures. Apply the concept to everyday people and situations. Appreciate what you have while it is here and at each stage. As a parent, I can definitely say each stage goes quick and I yearn for another day of the previous stages.

I didnt think that Pete Carroll deciding to pass the ball needing 6 inches would lead me to this,, but I am glad it did. Silly things are going to happen. Glasses are going to get smashed, juice is going to get spilled. One day you are going to wish you had a little kid smashing or spilling just like one day you are going to wish that we had a Tom Brady to watch.

Enjoy Tom Brady, enjoy Bill Bellicheck, enjoy your glass smasher, enjoy you juice spiller, enjoy what is special right now. Dont take it for granted because one day you will be yearning for just another minute of it.


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