We Were Cheated…….

For most of my life, we counted on the polls to get it right. Many times the #1 and the #2 teams were sent to different bowls because of conference affiliation. Because of that we may see the #1 team in the country play the #10 team in the country. There were arguments of split champions. It was the most imperfect system I have ever seen to decide a champion.

(Rest of Story and National Championship Preview below)

In the early 2000’s we were given the BCS system. We put it in the computer’s hands to decide the #1 and the #2 teams. At least with this system we had the #1 and #2 team playing each other. This system caused for a good debate for the last 6 to 7 weeks every year. It gave us arguments whether the #3 or sometimes #4 team should be playing. For the most part it gave us the right matchup. But I still felt we were being wronged without a playoff.

Finally, this year a 4 team playoff was put into place. The new system still allowed for debate. The new system didnt take away from any of the regular season importance. And the new system like those before, certainly gave us drama and controversy on judgment day.

The first annual playoff was held 11 days ago on New Years Day. Oregon vs Florida State and Alabama vs Ohio State. I have watched a lot of football in my life. I have sat down at noon many a Saturday and not moved until midnight. But this was the most entertaining 8 hours of football I have sat down for. The games were fantastic. The drama was there. The talent was present. Coach’s decisions were magnified. It was a major success. Many are now clamoring for a 6 to 8 team playoff.

We will always have an imperfect system. But we will always have drama and we will always have a debate. I couldnt be more thrilled its out of the hands of a poll. I am ecstatic its not in the hands of the computer.

However, I am disappointed that we were cheated all these years out of a playoff. We were cheated out of incredible football at the highest stakes.

The first two playoff games were entertainment at its best. I almost feel like it was the perfect apology for all the years we were wronged without a playoff.

So in a couple hours, find your comfy chair, get a cold beverage and settle in. Settle in to watch a champion emerge from our first playoff. Our first playoff is better late than never. We can forgive but its tough to forget all of the great football we were cheated out of.

Tonight’s game:
Ohio State Buckeyes vs Oregon Ducks
Oregon -6
Over/Under 74

We have all heard by now about the Buckeyes playing with their 3rd string qb. That certainly will be key if Oregon can jump out to the lead and make Cardale Jones throw the ball. However, I dont see that happening. I think its a major coaching mismatch with Urban Meyer vs Mark Herflich. I think Urban Meyer will devise a game plan to control the clock. Ohio State will be the most physical team Oregon will face all year and it will show. I expect Ohio State to impose its will and pound the football.

Marcus Mariota will make some plays and the Ducks will have some success moving the football. But Ohio State will clamp down in the red zone. That is when the Ohio State defensive line will shine. Marcus Mariota’s deficiencies will be exposed inside the 20 and the Buckeyes will hold Oregon to 3 more times than not which will prove the difference.

This could be the perfect trifecta for me:
Saturday- Ravens fail late in the game
Sunday- Cowboys fail late in the game
Monday- Ohio State goes down.
3 fan bases in 3 days to have their hearts ripped out of there chests would make my year. But I dont see it happening and 2 out 3 aint bad.

Ohio State 37
Oregon 27
Lean Ohio State +6
Lean Under 74


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