NFL Divisional Playoffs Sunday

2-0 yesterday
3-1 overall in playoffs (5-1 but didnt get Cowboys and Colts posted last week)

Dallas Cowboys @ Green Bay Packers
Packers -6

The pick up the flag call can be debated until the cows home but the Cowboys are in Lambeau today. And this cant be who the Packers were hoping for. This is a bad matchup for the Packers. The Cowboys will come in and be physical. They will ride Demarco Murray, control the clock, and push the Packers around. We have heard all week about Aaron Rodgers calf. Keep in mind, Tony Romo is playing with a bad back as well. The temperatures will not be to bad in Lambeau compared to what could have been. Rodgers is going to make some plays on the Dallas secondary. This one is going to come down to the last drive. This goes against everything I believe in and I am forcing my fingers to this but……..

Dallas Cowboys 23
Green Bay Packers 21
Lean Dallas Cowboys +6

Indianapolis Colts @ Denver Broncos
Broncos -7.5

Andrew Luck was very good last week. The Colts defense played good last week. But, lets keep in mind that the Colts played the Bengals. The Bengals havent won a playoff game since Ickey Woods was dancing on the field and not in commercials. They have a ginger as a quarterback. He played without there most dynamic playmaker AJ Green and they have a coach who is now 0-6 in the playoffs and somehow still has a job. Apparently, making the playoffs is good enough in Cincinnati. Anyway, this Colts team is overvalued now. Andrew Luck will make a couple plays today but they dont have enough balance on offense to keep this close. Peyton Manning aka Mr Regular Season will finally win a playoff game. The Peyton Manning fans out there, enjoy today because this may be the last time he ever wins a playoff game. We are headed for Brady/Manning 17.

Denver Broncos 30
Indianapolis Colts 17
Lean Denver Broncos -7.5


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