NFL Playoff Saturday Round 2

1-1 Last week. Would have given you 2 more winners with the Colts and Lions Against the Spread but the flu crippled me. Back this week with 4 winners.

Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots
Patriots -7
Over/Under 47.5
These teams have squared off a few times in the playoffs the past couple years. It seems as if the Ravens never lose playoff games on the road. John Harbaugh and Joe Flacco never seem to be overwhelmed. They have had success against New England and I expect another close game today. The Raven secondary is the weakest unit of the units playing and that will be the difference. Tom Brady will be able to take advantage with a game winning drive.

Patriots 24
Ravens 20
Lean Ravens +7
Lean Under 47.5

Carolina Panthers @ Seattle Seahawks
Seahawks -11.5
Over/Under 40.5

The Carolina Panthers at 7-8-1 are coming off an opening weekend playoff victory over the Arizona Cardinals. The Arizona Cardinals started the worst quarterback to ever throw a football in a playoff game. Sure, the Panthers defense looked good but my defense looks good tackling my 2 year old son. This Panther team is a fraud and they will be exposed tonight. If you have any other plans that are on the table, go ahead and do it, dont waste your time on this game.

Seahawks 23
Panthers 6
Lean Seahawks -11.5
Lean Under 40.5


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