Black Monday

Today is Black Monday for coaches in the NFL. We have seen John Idzik GM and Coach Rex Ryan axed in New York. The GM and MArc Trestman are out in Chicago. Jim Harbaugh and the 49ers mutually agreed to part ways. But there is one that needs to be mentioned. Those of us who follow the Vegas spreads are in mourning. This guy was in so far over his head, it was comical. You can count on him to lose any big game he was ever in. You can count on 3 to 5 laughable coaching decisions a game. He took the reigns from Norv Turner and now we must begin a new search for the coach to make money on, a coach you can count on for entertainment value. Before we get to the candidates of who will take the reigns, I would like to formally thank this guy and go on the record saying I will miss you.

Early Candidates for 2015 Coach that will follow in the footsteps:
Joe Philbin
Jeff Fisher
Lovie Smith
Whoever coaches the Raiders


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