NFL Sunday Preview

Week 15 NFL Sunday Preview

NFL Straight Up 126-66
NFL Against The Spread 105-85-1

Week 15 Picks..

Raiders @ Chiefs
Chiefs -10
My Prediction
Chiefs 23 Raiders 17
Lean Raiders +10

Jaguars @ Ravens
Ravens -13.5
My Prediction
Ravens 31 Jags 13
Lean Ravens -13.5

Steelers @ Falcons
Steelers -2.5
My Prediction
Steelers 30 Falcons 23
Lean Steelers -2.5

Texans @ Colts
Colts -6.5
My Prediction
Colts 27 Texans 24
Lean Texans +6.5

Bengals @ Johnny Football
Johnny Football -1
My Prediction
Johnny Football 24 Bengals 20
Lean Johnny Football -1


Dolphins @ Patriots
Patriots -7.5
My Prediction
Patriots 30 Dolphins 16
Lean Pats -7.5

Panthers @ Bucs
Panthers -3
My Prediction
Panthers 16 Bucs 14
Lean Bucs +3

Bravehearts @ Giants
Giants -6.5
My Prediction
Giants 22 Hearts 19
Lean Hearts +6.5

Packers @ Bills
Packers -5
My Prediction
Bills 24 Packers 23
Lean Bills +5

Vikings @ Lions
Lions -8
My Prediction
Lions 21 Vikings 17
Lean Vikings +8

Jets @ Titans
Jets -2
My Prediction
Jets 6 Titans 3
Lean Jets -2

Broncos @ Chargers
Broncos -4
My Prediction
Broncos 26 Chargers 24
Lean Chargers +4

49ers @ Seahawks
Seahawks +10
My Prediction
Seahawks 24 49ers 20
Lean 49ers +10

Cowboys @ Eagles
Eagles -3.5
My Prediction
I have heard everything and read everything all week:
-This a revenge spot for the Cowboys
-Teams are 0-7 after playing Seahawks
-The Cowboys were in a bad spot the first game
-Cowboys have 10 days to prepare
-Tony Romo will get a shot
-This Cowboy O line is so great
-The Cowboys will use the Seattle blue print

Alright enough…. let me give you some facts

-The Cowboys have won 34% of the time the last 4 years following a win
-The Cowboys beat a horrific Bears team and now all of a sudden they are back
-The Cowboys are going to use the Seahawks blue print- thats all great but unless the Seahawks are wearing Dallas uniforms it doesnt matter
-The Eagles have a top 3 pass rush according to NFL metrics
-The Eagles defense are top 10 vs rush
-It is December

EAGLES 44 Cowboys 6
Lean Eagles -3.5


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