Dallas Sucks…..#4

Best Eagles Cowboys Moment of My Life #4


(Video Below)

As told by Eagles radio play by play legend Merrill Reese:

Dec. 10, 1995: “The other great Dallas game was the one in the Barry Switzer era here and that was where it got down to crunch time and they gave the ball to Emmitt Smith on fourth down in their own territory and the Eagles stacked him up. I was saying ‘they stacked him, they stacked him’ and all of the sudden there was this confusion and the officials get together and what they said was the two-minute warning had come before the play. So they got to run another play. Stan Walters and I were talking about what they were going to do. Are they going to throw it to Jay Novacek? And they came back with the same exact handoff to Emmitt Smith. And I said ‘they stopped him again, they stopped him again, it’s Groundhog Day!’ The day before I had seen the movie ‘Groundhog Day’ with Bill Murray. And you know how things kept repeating in that movie? That was the Ray Rhodes era. That was a great game. A huge win.”


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