Dallas Sucks…. Dallas Sucks…..

Now that it has been documented that I am over the Seahawks game, awaiting in the shadows is that stupid star and that ugly wrinkled face of Jerry Jones.

This is Dallas Week and to lead up to the game I will list my 12 (to signify my favorite Eagle Randall Cunningham) favorite Dallas moments.

Most Eagle fans would put this in their top 3 but since its before my time I will place it here before I start the list.


Also before I can remember and unfortunately I cant find the video for it….
The Dallas Cowboys were going through one of their worst stretches in 25 years during Buddy Ryan’s years with the Eagles. During the strike season of 1987, Buddy Ryan believed that Tom Landry ran the score up during one of the “scab” games. When the players returned from strike later in the season, the Eagles found themselves defeating the Cowboys easily in the 4th quarter of the rematch. Buddy Ryan ordered Randall Cunningham to fake a kneel-down near the Cowboys goal line late in the game, then throwing for a late touchdown to embarrass the Cowboys. Eagles fans approved the move.


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