We’re #4…..

In 90 minutes, we will know the matchups in the first annual college football playoff. For the next 90 minutes, we will hear cases stated, pros and cons, and lots of politicking. One thing is clear Alabama and Oregon are in. Florida State should be safe as well. The 3 teams jockeying for the final spot are TCU, Baylor, and Ohio State.

Below is the resume’ for each.

TCU 11-1 Big 12 Co Champion
Samford 48-14
Minnesota 30-7
@ SMU 56-0
Oklahoma 37-33
@ Baylor 61-58 Loss
Oklahoma St 42-9
Texas Tech 82-27
@ West Virginia 31-30
Kansas St 41-20
@ Kansas 34-30
@ Texas 48-10
Iowa St 55-3

Baylor 11-1 Big 12 Co Champion
SMU 45-0
Northwestern St 70-6
@ Buffalo 63-21
@ Iowa St 49-28
@ Texas 28-7
TCU 61-58
@ West Virginia 41-27 Loss
Kansas 60-14
@ Oklahoma 48-14
Oklahoma St 49-28
Texas Tech 48-46
Kansas St 38-27

Ohio St 12-1 Big Ten Champion
@ Navy 34-17
Virginia Tech 35-21 Loss
Kent State 66-0
Cincinnati 50-28
@ Maryland 52-24
Rutgers 56-17
@ Penn State 31-24 OT
Illinois 55-14
@ Michigan St 49-37
@ Minnesota 31-24
Indiana 42-27
Michigan 42-28
Wisconsin (Big Ten Championship) 59-0

So there you have it. The resume’s for the number 4 spot. Cases can be made for any of the 3. None of the resume’s stick out over the others.

If I am in that room, I am taking TCU in the last spot. They’re only loss is to a top 6 team on the road in Baylor in a game in which they unfortunately left up to the refs and they got screwed. TCU was also in 3rd last week. They won yesterday by 52 points. How can you drop a team who wins by 52 points 2 spots.

Ohio State should not penalized but ultimately we are trying to get the 4 best teams, or so we have been told. They are now on their 3rd string quarterback. As far as I am concerned the Big Ten is the weaker conference. And we are up in arms over this Ohio State team because they beat a one dimensional Wisconsin who lost to a mediocre Northwestern. Lastly, going against them is the loss to Virginia Tech.

The argument against Baylor is simple. Their out of conference schedule is laughable. And they’re loss is to an average West Virginia team.

The last case I would argue is the eye test. If you put those 3 teams on TV, TCU is the most complete.

The committee has stated this is not like the AP Poll or the Coaches Poll but if teams can rise and fall multiple spots over 1 game, why even rank them? Then again , the committee has told us different things every week on how they are judging. Whatever the case and whatever the outcome, the NCAA has their feet up and a smile on their face. Turn on any channel or open any sports publication and the talk is all about the playoff. The fans have finally got what they deserved a true champion and the NCAA has generated interest.

It has been fun to debate the last few weeks and the next hour will be exciting. One team is going to get a chance and for two of the teams the debate will rage on.

Give me the Horned Frogs but no matter the outcome, with the exception of 2 fan bases we all finally got what we wanted.


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