Like/Don’t Like

One of my all time favorite things to do is to wake up in the morning, get a cup of coffee, and read the newspaper or other blogs that I enjoy reading. It is especially fantastic on Monday’s. With all kinds of action taking place, there are many reactive stories and articles. Some of the sites I read have sections or pieces where they mention things they liked and didn’t like. I am going to try and institute it here. Its a chance to write a couple sentences on certain things that normally would not have enough content to be a whole story. I am not going to limit these to just sports as you will see below……

Liked: Rivalry Week in College football:
Whether it is the Iron Bowl, the Egg Bowl, the Battle for the Axe, or the game for the Old Oaken Bucket these games are fantastic. Many of these players were recruited by both schools. Many of the players played against each other growing up. The intensity within the game is unmatched. The intensity for bragging rights in the stands adds to the electricity. So if its Alabama/Auburn or Washington/Washington State I am intrigued.

Don’t Like: College Football is all but over:
Rivalry week signifies the end of college football. I love waking up on Saturday’s with fall in the air and a big game the center of the day. The end also means winter is here. Dark days are ahead.

Liked: Gus Malzahn and Alabama’s Red Zone Defense:
The mad scientist lived up to his name once again. Malzahn’s offense had 28 First Downs and totaled 628 yards of offense against what is supposed to be one of the top defensive coaches Nick Saban. Saban’s defense did come up big when it had to. Auburn entered the Red Zone 7 times. 5 of the 7 the Bama defense held them to field goals. That was the difference in the game.

Don’t Like: JT Barrett’s injury:
I don’t like Ohio State, I don’t like their fans, and I don’t like Urban Meyer but this team was playing well. I would have liked to see the Buckeye defensive line going against the top teams in the country. And I would have liked to see Barrett against the top teams in the country. Barrett may have been the best player in the country that no one was talking about. Not only do I not like the fact that Ohio State loses its 2nd quarterback but I was hoping to see them beat Wisconsin. I am also hoping for wins by Georgia Tech, Arizona, Missouri, and Baylor. I want chaos.

Like: Traditional College Football Teams:
Turning on the TV, to see the traditional college teams and seeing their uniforms certainly adds excitement. Seeing Nebraska, Michigan, Notre Dame, Penn State, USC, Miami on tv growing up was must watch. Times have changed but there will always be something interesting about all of them.

Don’t Like: Traditional College Football Fan Bases:
These people just don’t get it. Times have changed. The landscape has changed. The sport itself has changed. Kids can go to South Florida these days and be on tv the same amount as kids at Nebraska. The traditional powers have to recruit nationally way better than they used to. 9 and 10 win seasons are respectable. There is nothing wrong with having 9 win seasons competing for the conference and making a run at a national title once every three or four years. Nebraska fired Frank Solich for going 58-19. He coached there for 6 years compiling seasons of 9-3, 12-1, 10-2, 11-2, 7-7, and 9-3. Bo Pelini just was fired with a record of 67-27. He was there for 7 seasons with records 9-4, 10-4, 10-4, 9-4, 10-4, 9-4, and 9-3. Looking this up and typing and re-reading makes this Nebraska fan base more unrealistic than I already thought. These traditional fan bases need to get a life and a clue and look at the calendar; it is not 1990 anymore.

Like: Jim Harbaugh
For all the reasons mentioned in the blog post from 2 weeks ago.
We have teams positioning themselves to make a trade for him. I hope he goes to Oakland soon to be LA and wins a Super Bowl before Trent Baalke wins one.

Don’t Like: Colin Kaepernick
This guy has regressed so much or he just was never that good. I watched him in week 2 against the Bears and thought perhaps it was just one game. I then got to see him in entirety against the Eagles in week 4. I was shocked at how bad he was. His last 3 weeks he has scored 16 points against the Giants who had 5 tunrovers, 17 points against the Bravehearts who just gave up 49 to the Colts, and 3 points against the Seahawks. Anyone having second thoughts about choosing Kap over Alex Smith

Like: The Eagles playing on Thanksgiving and winning on Thanksgiving
It was fantastic not having to wait until Sunday this past week. It was fantastic seeing the Eagles rushing attack run wild against this Dallas defense who all I heard for weeks was how good they are. It was fantastic seeing Fletcher Cox bust through the vaunted Dallas o line play after play. It was fantastic not having to see Jerry Jones stupid face. It was fantastic seeing Jerry Jones act like this was the Super Bowl bringing in Pitbull who sucks just like his team. It was fantastic to shut up all the Cowboy fans. It was fantastic 33-10.

Didn’t Like: The Eagles on Thanksgiving:
Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I think its far and away the best holiday there is. However, with the Eagles playing I had to nervously wander around staring at my watch. I didn’t enjoy my dinner as fully as I should. And I didn’t get to take a nap after dinner with the game on.

Liked: In Laws Accommodating my Request for Dinner to be Moved Ahead for Eagles Game:
Thank You. It will forever be remembered.

Didn’t Like: I may have to call the floor cleaners to polish up in laws hardwood
I paced back and forth on the hardwood nervously for 2 quarters until halftime when the game was over.

Liked: Turkey Bowl email I received
Great job Tommy K in grabbing the torch to carry the tradition in the battle for the OAR on. I believe this was the 9th annual playing of the Turkey Bowl. Hoban Forever!

Didn’t Like: Did not participate in Turkey Bowl
One of the great traditions and days of the year I was unable to attend. To reconcile and show my commitment, I peed into a pitcher, washed it out, and filled it with beer to simulate the pitchers at Stanton Lanes. I threw cigarette butts on the ground to simulate the floor at Stanton Lanes. And I put 2 blow up dolls in chairs front of a screen to simulate the Blain brothers trying to enter names into the bowling score system. The 2 blow up dolls were just as smart, as typically the Elder and Younger are to hungover from Thanksgiving to think.

Like: Billz Wedding
The reason I was not at the Turkey Bowl was that I had the fortune to attend the wedding of 2 great people. The venue was top notch, the band was fantastic, the company was great, and the Kettle One on the rocks was the best.

Didn’t Like: Hungover until today
Kettle One on the rocks all night seemed like a great idea Friday night. It seemed less than stellar Monday when I was still hungover.

Liked: Sesame Place
Saturday my wife and I took my son to Sesame Place for their Christmas activities. Really impressed with the holiday decorations, holiday shows, and holiday parade. The joy and excitement seen on my son’s face was priceless.

Didn’t Like: The Weather at Sesame Place
25 Degrees anywhere is not fun. Prior to going here, I had thoughts of tailgating for Eagles/Seahawks. You will find me on the couch all day Sunday. Have fun in the cold anyone who goes.

Like: Christmas Season
I used to be the biggest Scrooge. For about 10 years, Christmas annoyed me. My son entered the picture and everything changed. He does not even understand it yet but he has revitalized my feelings towards Christmas and the season in general.

Didn’t Like: The weather getting our Christmas tree
We got our Christmas tree on Sunday in 60 degree weather. I envisioned it as a cold day with maybe some flurries. It didn’t seem right. I should have flip flopped my tree and Sesame Place.


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