Thanksgiving Thursday Football

There is not much better than Thanksgiving and football

Picks below

Bears @ Lions
Lions -7
My Prediction
Lions 30 Bears 24
Lean Bears +7

Eagles @ Cowboys
Cowboys -3
My Prediction
Eagles 27 Cowboys 24
Lean Eagles +3
There are 5 groups of people I strongly dislike in this world in this order:
5. Isis
4. Ferguson Protesters
3. Philadelphia Parking Authority
2. Pittsburgh Penguins and their fans
1. Dallas Cowboys, their fans, stars, and everything else that goes along with it

Seahawks @ 49ers
49ers -1
My prediction
49ers 23 Seahawks 20
Lean 49ers -1

College Thanksgiving:
TCU @ Texas
TCU -6.5
My Prediction
TCU 31 Texas 27
Lean Texas +6.5

LSU @ Texas A&M
LSU -3
My Prediction
LSU 30 Texas A&M 20
Lean LSU -3

Enjoy the best holiday of the year!


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