Giving Thanks to Heroes

I have tried to keep serious and controversial life thoughts and opinions off the blog. I have attempted to keep it sports, recipes, or goofy stuff with friends. But something transpired this week and I cant get over it.

The protests taking place in Ferguson this week are a complete disgrace to this country that I love. These people going out and protesting against cops are absolutely pathetic.

I want to make sure that people understand that I feel its terrible that someone lost a life and someone who was a young man with a lot of life left to live.

Now that statement is clear, these people protesting are demonstrating their support for a criminal. This is someone who robbed a store and displayed violence against a store employee. Did he deserve to have his store robbed or did he deserve the abuse he received?

I turn on the television to watch these protesters throwing bottles and throwing rocks. They are lighting cars on fire. They are smashing business windows. They burning buildings and businesses to the ground. They are looting businesses. And yet I sign on to twitter and facebook and see messages supporting these protesters. Ask yourself if these INNOCENT people deserved to have their businesses destroyed, cars smashed, shops looted, and rocks and bottles thrown at them?

I would love to ask these protesters to name the last 3 homicide victims in the area they are protesting. I would bet my bottom dollar they couldnt provide the names. Do those people not deserve the same respect given to this criminal people are protesting about?

I live near one of the worst places in America, Camden New Jersey. What has transpired there over the years is an absolute travesty. Recently, they changed police system and revamped police coverage. The homicide rate has dropped significantly and is at lowest point its been in years. It would be hard to argue that its because of no other reason than increased police presence.

To put it in every day terms, what would happen if they took the police away. How would you feel living in your house without protection. How would you feel walking through the streets without police. What kind of violence and crimes would take place without the men in blue. I know I feel more safe knowing that they are my shield.

I have heard my parents and other parents talk about how they would give their lives for their children. I never understood this until I had a child of my own. It is hard to comprehend this concept unless you have a child. I am going to take it a step further though. These cops are putting their lives on the line every single day they go to work. Putting their lives on the line for people like you and me, people that they have never even met. Ladies and gentlemen, that is the definition of a hero.

The protests will go on and I am sure these protests wont be the last of their kind. I understand that their are complete idiots in this world and their always will be. Its just unfortunate cops are putting their lives on the line because of these jokes.

Today is thanksgiving and many will gather around the table to give thanks. They will give thanks for various things. On this thanksgiving, I want to give thanks to cops, heroes that are putting their lives on the line day after day for people they have never met.

Thank you!


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