Football Friday College Playoff

We are only 2 weeks away from the end of the college football regular season. It’s always amazing how quickly it goes. It seems like a minute ago that we woke up for Central Florida and Penn State in Ireland.

By this time last year, we were debating 3 maybe 4 teams who would be playing in the National Championship game. We had the BCS computer system, no playoff. For the most part, the BCS system got it right in matching up the 2 best teams at the end of the year. The arguments over who would play and the predictions on scenarios were present with the BCS System. In most cases, by the time we got to the second to last week of the season we were debating a small amount of teams. Sure, there was drama and excitement but nowhere near the level it is at now.

Beginning this year, college football instituted a 4 team playoff to decide the national champion. It was a long time coming but it has finally arrived. The playoff to me has made this season so much more entertaining. It has allowed for more teams to be part of the discussion. Instead of arguing about 3 or 4, we are now arguing about 7 or 8. Because 7 or 8 teams can lay claim to why they should be one of the four teams, there has been many more meaningful games throughout the year. Many of those meaningful games have come within conference play. What is better than 2 teams in the same conference who have no love lost playing a high stakes game?

The way the schedules are set up and the differentiating level of talent in each conference, we are never going to have the perfect system. The committee bias will always be brought up. The SEC bias will always be brought up. All of this makes it no different than the BCS era and the era prior to the BCS.

We don’t have the perfect system and probably never will, but every Saturday we get more meaningful games. Ratings for college football are at an all time high. We get more teams and fanbases involved in the discussion. We still have the drama and excitement, but to me its reached heights we have never seen before. Enjoy the last couple weekends.

The most recent College Football Playoff Rankings:
1.) Alabama (9-1)
Best Wins: @LSU, Mississippi St
Losses: @Ole Miss
Remaining: Western Carolina, Auburn

2.) Oregon (9-1)
Best Wins: Michigan St, UCLA, @Utah
Losses: Arizona
Remaining: Colorado, @Oregon St

3.) Florida State (10-0)
Best Wins: Notre Dame, Clemson, @Louisville
Losses: None
Remaining: Boston College, Florida

4.) Mississippi State (9-1)
Best Wins: @LSU, Auburn
Losses: @Alabama
Remaining: Vanderbilt, @Ole Miss

5.) TCU (9-1)
Best Wins: Oklahoma, Kansas St
Losses: @Baylor
Remaining: @Texas, Iowa St

6.) Ohio State (9-1)
Best Wins: @Michigan State, @ Minnesota
Losses: Virginia Tech
Remaining: Indiana, Michigan

7.) Baylor (8-1)
Best Wins: TCU, Oklahoma
Losses: @West Virginia
Remaining: Oklahoma State, @Texas Tech, Kansas State

8.) Ole Miss (8-2)
Best Wins: Alabama
Losses: @LSU, Auburn
Remaining: @Arkansas, Mississippi State

9.) UCLA (8-2)
Best Wins: @Arizona State
Losses: Utah, Oregon
Remaining: USC, Stanford

10.) Georgia (8-2)
Best Wins: Clemson, Auburn
Losses: Florida, @ South Carolina
Remaining: Charleston Southern, Georgia Tech

Games With Implications Left:

TCU @ Texas

Oregon @ Oregon St
Florida @ Florida St
Michigan @ Ohio St
Mississippi St @ Ole Miss
Baylor @ Texas Tech
Auburn @ Alabama

Iowa State @ TCU
Kansas State @ Baylor
Big Ten Championship Game
ACC Championship Game- Florida St vs Georgia Tech
Pac 12 Championship Game
SEC Championship Game


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