Follow Up Article on the Italian Kid…

I just have to follow up the article I previously wrote with this gem of a quote from Italian kid Kobe Bryant….

It didn’t take long for Kobe Bryant to get frustrated with the Washington Generals. Kobe and the Generals took on the San Antonio Spurs last week. When asked about the play of Tim Duncan, Kobe Bean was quoted as saying “I can’t express to you how much I’m jealous.” Hey bean, was there any jealousy or thought about that when you had to be the highest paid player. Did you have any hesitation before signing your name on the line?
Sure, Kobe may pass greats on record lists this season as he goes 10 for 30 night after night. I just hope he can find a way to have fun amidst all the jealousy as his “team” struggles to get 15 wins.


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