Words of Wisdom for the Females

I attended meetings out of town on Tuesday. I had the pleasure of meeting with many who I already have a working relationship. During the lunch hour, I sat with some other males and we were discussing the college football season. We conversed about the playoff and everyone provided their thoughts and what may happen. We obviously talked about the enormity of this Saturday and the great games that are on tap.

One of the gentlemen mentioned that his wife is having her friends and their husbands over for a get together. He went on to say how she will expect him to be social and be a good host and that he will have a hard time following what is transpiring in the games. I don’t even know this guy that well nor have I ever met his wife, but what she is pulling is a BITCH move.

I had a 2 hour ride home from these meetings and the more I thought about it the more furious I got. So I decided there should be some ground rules for any male who enjoys college football and his partner………….

In no particular order:
– There are approximately 52 weekends in a year. Do not schedule a party on the Saturday of the biggest college football day in years, especially a casual get together.

– There are approximately 15 Saturdays a year in which college football happens. That leaves you with 37 Saturdays to choose from.

-If you insist it must be during the college football season, why not Friday??? or why not Sunday breakfast???

-If you insist it must be a College Football Saturday, do not expect your partner to be social. Do not expect your partner to play the role of a good host.

-If you insist it must be a College Football Saturday, why not just invite the girls

-If you still insist it must be a co-ed party on a College Football Saturday, get some friends whose husbands aren’t dorks

I think that this is being reasonable. 37 other Saturdays you have the choice from. All Fridays you have the choice from. You have the choice to pick better friends. This is giving you plenty of options.

I hope I have saved another male’s misfortune. I can only hope that this guy I spoke with plays the role of the unsocial bad host, because in the end the wife has no one to blame but the person she sees in the mirror. Getting her to understand that… well that’s a post for another day


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