College Football Playoff Rankings

The College Football Playoff Committee will release its rankings for the second week tomorrow. Dissecting the rankings from week 1 release, it appears that the committee put stock in quality wins and strength of schedule. I think those 2 should be first and foremost in the process followed by the losses.

My rankings would look like this after this past weekend:

1.) Mississippi State
2.) Auburn
3.) Florida State
4.) TCU
5.) Oregon
6.) Alabama
7.) Michigan State
8.) Kansas State
9.) Notre Dame
10.) Baylor

Top 4
Mississippi St vs TCU
Auburn vs Florida St

Week 11 Games with Implications (Fantastic schedule this week):
Baylor @ Oklahoma
Texas A&M @ Auburn
Notre Dame @ Arizona St
Virginia @ Florida St
Kansas St @ TCU
Ohio State @ Michigan St
Alabama @ LSU
Oregon @ Utah

I will post college football playoff rankings when they are released with updated schedules remaining. Many conversations revolved around how many teams the SEC should or could get in. Looking at it after another week, I think the possibility of the SEC getting 0 teams in this playoff is greater than the SEC getting 2 teams in. Ponder that thought for a moment. The SEC and specifically the SEC West has had 3 to 4 teams in the top 5 of the AP and Coaches poll for the past couple weeks. The schedule now falls that the SEC West is starting to play one another and is just killing itself. We very well may have the discussion whether a 2 loss SEC team deserves selection over a 1 loss team.


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