Kobe Bean

Last November Kobe Braynt signed a contract worth 48.5 million dollars. By signing this, he maintains his status as the NBA’s highest paid player. In the aftermath of signing the contract Kobe was quoted as saying “Im very fortunate to be with an organization that understands how to take care of its players and put a great team on the floor. They’ve figured out how to do both.” These comments were made in November 2013.

Fast forward to about a week ago. Henry Abbott of ESPN wrote an article about Kobe Bryant destroying the franchise. Some agreed with his article, but many were up in arms. Lets examine this a little more closely.

Kobe made comments after signing the deal about the organization taking care of its players and the owners continuing to rake in the money. Valid point Kobe Bean. Kobe was a key cog in the Lakers winning 5 titles. I firmly believe that players should make the money while they can. However, in Kobe’s next breath he states that the organization is putting a championship team on the floor.

This is the Lakers championship roster:
Jeremy Lin, Steve Nash (out for year), Carlos Boozer, Julius Randle (broken leg), Nick Young, Wayne Ellington, Ed Davis, Ronnie Price, Jordan Hill, Jordan Clarkson, Ryan Kelly, Wesley Johnson, Xavier Henry, Robert Sacre, Jabari Brown.
If that’s a championship roster, then Sixer fans better prepare for a deep playoff run.

One of the main reasons that roster resembles the local rec league, Kobe’s selfishness. Kobe could have taken less money and allowed the organization to build a championship team. The defending champion San Antonio Spurs have a cornerstone player for the last 15 years who decided to take less money for championship opportunities. His name Tim Duncan. Dirk Nowitzki took less money to help build the roster. Lebron, Dwyane Wade each took less money to make championship runs. These examples are plentiful. If Kobe did take less money would anyone want to play with him?

Henry Abbott’s piece quoted players as stating how selfish Kobe is and how they did not want to play with him. Lebron James was a free agent, Carmelo Anthony was a free agent, neither wanted to come play with Kobe. Pau Gasol left to sign with the Bulls. Dwight Howard passed on max deal to go to Houston. No worries though Laker fan, you were able to land Carlos Boozer and Jeremy Lin.

Former Laker and Kobe coach, Phil Jackson was quoted years ago in an interview with Bill Simmons stating he would never want to coach the Lakers as Kobe’s career was coming to an end. When the interview took place, many were puzzled; be puzzled no more.

The 250 million plus Kobe has made throughout his career is apparently not enough. The chase for a 6th title is apparently not as important. So just remember Laker fans when you are watching Kobe Bean and Nick Young firing shots up as the Washington Generals, I mean LA Lakers, are in a dogfight with Tankadelphia 76ers that Kobe got his.

Just remember the 250 million plus wasn’t enough. And just remember how fortunate he feels to be part of an organization that takes care of its players and puts championship teams on the floor.


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