Football Friday College Edition

Don’t blame me for last weeks college disaster on my top 25 predictions, all I could hear was the noise of the AC casino in the background. Very distracting.

Last Week Straight Up: 1-4
Last Week Leans: 1-4

Straight Up on the Year: 34-18
Leans on the Year: 21-30-1

This Week

Not as good of a schedule as the past couple weeks with only 2 games featuring 2 top 25 teams.

Ole Miss @ LSU
Ole Miss -3.5
My Prediction
Ole Miss 27 LSU 20
Lean Ole Miss -3.5

USC @ Utah
USC -1
My Prediction
Utah 27 USC 24
Lean Utah +1

Have to throw in some others that interest me this weekend.

Temple @ UCF
UCF -7
My Prediction
UCF 24 Temple 20
Lean Temple +7

Mississippi St @ Kentucky
Miss St -13.5
My Prediction
Miss St 31 Kentucky 15
Lean Miss St -13.5

West Virginia @ Oklahoma St
OK State -1
My Prediction
Oklahoma State 34 West Virginia 31
Lean OK State -1

Alabama @ Tennessee
Alabama -17
My Prediction
Alabama 30 Tennessee 14
Lean Tennessee +17

South Carolina @ Auburn
Auburn -17.5
My Prediction
Auburn 38 South Carolina 24
Lean SC +17.5

Arizona St @ Washington
Arizona St -3.5
My Prediction
Arizona St 28 Washington 27
Lean Washington +3.5

Michigan @ Michigan St
Mich St -17
My Prediction
Michigan St 31 Michigan 16
Lean Michigan +17


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